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Russia is looking to regulate bitcoin but still doesn’t see it as a currency

Russian Bitcoin Regulation The governor of Russia’s central bank is looking into ways to regulate the cryptocurrency sector and Bitcoin. Elvira Nabiullina even when as far to say that he did not believe it was even a real currency and should be considered a digital virtual asset. Using this assessment of Bitcoin he believe that… Read More

Bitcoin is taking off after China's biggest exchanges allow withdrawals

Bitcoin Demand Booms Again In China The outlook for Bitcoin in China has never looked better after three of the countries biggest BTC exchanges started to allow its customers to withdraw the digital currency. The news that China’s biggest exchanges have started to allow withdraws has helped put much-needed certainty about the digital currency. Earlier… Read More

Bitcoin hits $2,000 trading high point

Bitcoin Price Predictions With the price of Bitcoin souring past the $2,000 mark in record time may investors are predicting that it will break the $3,000 mark by the end of the year. In-fact some even predict that the price of BTC will go above $5,000 before 2017 ends. The cryptocurrency managed to make it… Read More

Decoding enigma of bitcoin in 9 slides

The Bitcoin Enigma Bitcoin continues to surprise the financial markets and many of the worlds largest investors thought that the new digital currency would be dead in the water by now. Instead it is now more valuable than gold and out performs other currencies by thousands of percent. Bitcoin may have started off as just… Read More

3 reasons why bitcoin’s surge may not be a bubble

Bitcoin Boom With the price of Bitcoin skyrocketing it makes other investment returns look dreadful and is out performing the market by a staggering rate. It is not just this year you would have made huge returns if you had bought BTC as it has consistently now been the best asset for the last three… Read More

Digital gold: why hackers love Bitcoin

Bitcoin Hackers Bitcoin has hit the front pages of the news papers on countless times due to hackers use of the digital currency. Her Majesty Revenue and Customs along with the FBI and MII6 met back in March 2009 in a London hotel to discuss organised crime and terrorists using virtual currency in a closed… Read More

How to mine Bitcoin on Mac

Bitcoin Mac Mining One of the amazing things about the Blockchain and Bitcoin is that it gives its users the chance of make money by helping to give power to the network through Bitcoin Mining. Due to the face that this concept has only been around since 2008 there are still considerable financial risks for… Read More

Bitcoin correction sees nearly $4 billion wiped off value of the cryptocurrency as price falls 19%

Bitcoin Price Falls The price of Bitcoin continues to rapidly grow year on year but it is still suffering from volatility. The digital currency is in its early growth stage and until the market cap reaches a certain level where big withdrawals with not dramatically effect the price it will continue to see wild swings… Read More

Take My Bitcoin...Please! A Comedian Mines the Currency for Laughs

Bitcoin Comedy Margaux Avedisian is a comedian who is using Bitcoin jokes in her shows to get laughs from the audience. One of her best BTC jokes is: “Do we have any libertarians in the house?” “You must be so happy with this administration? It actually makes Gary Johnson look like not a bad idea.… Read More