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Bitcoin Price Crash

Due to the fact that Cryptocurrencies are only in their infancy stage it is hard to predict what the future holds for this new digital currency. There are different inventions coming out that utilize the blockchain it is impossible to stay up to date and this is just the start. Bitcoin has managed to overcome major problems such a currency exchanges collapsing, regulation and will need to overcome the issue with the block size of the network to ensure that transactions can continue to thrive. It is easy to get carried away and invest every penny you have in BTC and crypto technology but it comes at a huge risk. There are many obstacles that it still needs to overcome if it is going to be the digital currency of the future.

As we have seen before the price can quickly crash on any bad news and until the market cap is large enough to absorb big withdrawals this will continue. The wise investors are spreading their risks by investing in a number of different cryptos and not just BTC. As the currency matures the risks will be lower but at the moment it is seen by many as high risk. If you are going to be investing make sure it is something that you can afford to hold onto for the long-term and then you will be able to absorb the prices crashes. If you can hold it until the mining stops at 21 million Bitcoins you will be extremely well placed to make a lot of money from your investment. To read the full article about BTC prices and risk clock the link below.

MARKETS frequently froth and bubble, but the boom in bitcoin, a digital currency, is extraordinary. Although its price is down from an all-time high of $2,420 on May 24th, it has more than doubled in just two months. Anyone clever or lucky enough to have bought $1,000 of bitcoins […]

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