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Buying Bitcoin

You would have thought that people would be lining up in their droves to buy the best performing asset of any class for the last three years but many are still skeptical about buying Bitcoin. It has had bad press in the past while the digital currency was going through its early adaption phases which is still in the memory of large investors. It is difficult to say if the currency boom in price is here to stay or if it is another bubble but the signs are that this time it will continue to hold its own.

cryptocurrency market cap

cryptocurrency market cap

With all of the banks requiring quanitive easing to stay open and a huge derivatives bubble that if it pops the financial system will go with it, many smart investors are starting to include Bitcoin as part of their portfolio. The hedge fund are yet to fully commit to this new currency but when they do we will surly see yet another boom in the market.

Naysayers point to decline that followed steep climb in 2013 Dot-com bubble and tulip craze show past market corrections Bitcoin’s astronomical rally has cryptocurrency bulls feeling vindicated. Not so fast, skeptics say. The digital currency’s more than 100 percent surge in the past two months looks eerily familiar, argue […]

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