5 Reasons Why BTC Casinos Are Better Than Regular Casinos
5 Reasons Why BTC Casinos Are Better Than Regular Casinos
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BTC Casinos Vs Regular Casinos

The online casino industry is going through a major change at the moment and the reason is the introduction of Bitcoin. This has been caused by the acceptance of crypto currencies by governments as a legal and legitimate form of payment. The gambling industry watched the growth of the Bitcoin with great interest and as soon as they were convinced of its future they started to invest. The new games and technology they have developed have amazed. Live action with brilliant graphics and an array of updated old games and innovated new have started to attract more and more gamblers to the digital platforms which use Bitcoin. There are a number of reasons why they are changing to this new form of betting.

Gambling Privacy

Firstly anonymity, there has always been a stigma among none gamblers thinking that it is some sort of crime to place a wager. However, betting has been in existence thousands of years and always will be. The betting industry is very well regulated and prides itself on how professional and creative it is. The privacy that Bitcoin offers means you are not being judged by people who have no right to judge you and saves a lot of ill feeling.

Bitcoin Gambling Cost

Betting with normal currency takes time and involves transfer fees and other costs both for the customer and the casino. Credit and Debit cards come with sometimes heavy charges, the casino will have to wait until the bank involved pays after they have taken their commission which can be as high as 5%. All these costs inevitably alter the house odds as the money has to be recovered somehow. With Bitcoin, there is no third party involved and therefore the transactions are virtually free and instant.

BTC Casinos have introduced a Provably Fair technology that means you can be assured that the games are what they claim to be and can be checked at any time. This is why they operate on a 0.25% – 2% whereas a regular casino operates on a 3% – 15% house edge meaning your chances are much higher at a Bitcoin casino.

Some casinos offer your winnings in Bitcoin whilst others offer it in cash but if you check the progress of Bitcoin particularly over the past few months you can see your winnings can be worth much more due to its rise in value. Bitcoin can be split into small parts meaning you don`t have to make large bets, you can make small bets even down to as low as a dollar. Think of all the advantages it brings and consider all the advantages and then make your decision.

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