A Guide To Bitcoin Slot Machine Tournaments
A Guide To Bitcoin Slot Machine Tournaments



Bitcoin Slot Machine Tournaments

In order to enter an online tournament you need to buy in which means you have to pay an entry fee, the amount of prize money available will find the amount you have to pay. In some Bitcoin Slot Machine tournaments the fee to buy in is met by the casino these are called comped tournaments. There are two different types.

Type one is called sit and go Bitcoin Slot tournaments which have a predetermined amount of players and starts when all have completed their buy in. The idea is to end up as high as possible on the leader board by winning the most credits. These are normally provided as a set amount before play and are just that credits not actual amounts of cash or chips.

Scheduled Bitcoin Slots Tournaments

BTC Slots Scheduled tournaments are started at a set time no matter how many players are taking part and follow the same guidelines as sitting and go tournaments with credits being given and the person who increases the credits most goes to the top of the leader board. One strategy used in slots is to press for spins as quickly as possible in order to gain the biggest advantage. The winner will then receive the agreed pay out inventory in return for his credits.

Bitcoin Progressive Slots Tournaments

The tournaments can vary in many ways, some go through a several stages with the Bitcoin slots progressive jackpot increasing each time and can end at a considerable amount. Some BTC tournaments pay out on the one who has least credits and can have hidden bonuses and spot prizes which make them even more fun.


There is no way to beat the system and slots are pure luck, however as explained before the faster you are the better chance as there will be a time limit included in the rules. As the prize money increases the slot tournaments are becoming more and more popular and are certainly worth taking a look at. Subscribe to keep up to date on the dates of the latest Bitcoin Slots No Deposit Bonus Tournaments taking part online every month.

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