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Over the last decade, it has become simple to find gambling sites online to place bets with. One common misconception by players is that it is legal to gamble online no matter which country you are located. This is not the case though and you need to check what the gambling laws of the country you are in are so that you are not committing an offense.

Each Arab country has its own gambling laws which are governed by an independent body. A large percentage of countries have a majority Muslim population which impacts gambling laws. Islam religion does not allow gambling however some Arab based countries have a more tolerable approach and is more widely accepted.

One Arab country where gambling is popular is Egypt. It boasts the most casinos and the total is more than all the other combined. The largest Arab casino is based in Lebanon in Jounieh.

Gamble is legal in the following Arab countries: Tunisia, Comoros, Morocco, Djibouti and the United Arab Emirates. Gamble is not allowed many Arab countries and it is estimated that billion is gambled each year illegally in the middle east. A large percentage use online sites to get around the laws. To stop this in Saudi Arabia they have started to monitors the internet activities and arrest people gambling illegally online. Most though follow Sharia law and dot track the internet actives of their residents.

Competition for gamblers from the middle east is extremely high which has to lead to many great offers and casino bonuses to tempt players from this region. The Arab world of casinos is dominated by extremely wealthy people. Players often compete against each other simply to show off how much money they have.

Gambling tourism in the middle east is huge and many based in this region that wants to gamble take long trips to countries where it is legal. Two of the most popular designations are Lebanon and Egypt. Those with lots of money to spend enjoy trips to Las Vegas to play the high roller tables. If you have ever visited a casino in one of the major European cities such as Paris or London, it is highly likely that you will see lots of gamblers from Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia along with most of the other Arab countries.

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