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Are Governments Responsible For Fueling the Bitcoin Price Surge?


Bitcoin Price Surge

There are lots of different explanations why the price of Bitcoin is experiencing rapid growth in 2017. Some people think it is down to BTC going mainstream. Others think it is due to the safety of not having to hold your money in a bank. One of the biggest conspiracy theories is that center Governments around the world are responsible for fueling the price surge.

The reason many think the Governments are fueling the price of BTC is that they buying it to hold as a reserve along with foreign currencies and gold. If this is the case then the price will continue to grow rapidly and should be over the $3,000 by the end of the year, if not more.

What a crazy week for bitcoin. The digital currency is famous for its volatility, but in the last few days, it soared from $2,000 to nearly $2,800 . And after a $400 plunge on Thursday, it is sitting around $2,450. Oh, and if you’re keeping track, bitcoin is up […]

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