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Bitcoin Surveillance Indonesia

Bitcoin Surveillance Indonesia On the small Indonesian Island of Bali, Bitcoin is becoming increasing under scrutiny and the Central Bank are considering a crack down on the virtual currency. There has been a lot of BTC adoption locally and due to its rise in popularity it has become heavily surveillance by the authority to stop… Read More

Bitcoin Western Union

Bitcoin Western Union Bitcoin is the perfect financial instrument for sending money overseas and it was expected that the rise of cryptocurrency would be the death of Western Union. Using BTC for money transfers is faster, more secure and has lower fees which is why is was expected the the world largest money broker would… Read More

Bitcoin Price Signalling

Bitcoin Price Signalling After skyrocketing in value at the end of 2017 before a huge pull back, many investors can not work out if now is a good time to buy Bitcoin or not. There are many different factors that are driving the price with one of the main areas been regulation. Most of the… Read More

Bitcoin Sports Betting Promotions 2018

Bitcoin Sports Betting Promotions 2018 There are many advantages that betting using bitcoin on sports has over traditional methods. If you want to try the bookmakers of the future you need to check out the latest Blockchain sportsbooks. You can try unique concepts that put the odds in your favor along with getting BTC from… Read More

Bitcoin Baccarat Promotions

Bitcoin Baccarat Promotions Get free chips to play Bitcoin Baccarat online by using our special promotions from the top two casinos that accept BTC. This January you can get access to no deposit bonus promos from that will give you a chance to play dice games for real money. If you love these bonuses make… Read More

Bitcoin Casino Craps Bonus

Bitcoin Casino Craps Bonus Table games have never been so popular before and it is the classic such as dice along with card games that continue to attract high rollers from all over the world. Why not try the Bitcoin Casino Craps bonus codes below that have a low house edge you will not find… Read More

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Bitcoin Blackjack Casino Bonuses By using the Blockchain to provide provably fair Bitcoin Blackjack games it means that for the first time in gambling history that all bets are transparent and the odds at genuine. It gives players of card games online a better chance of winning along it not having to wait around for… Read More

Bitcoin Roulette Bonus 2018

Bitcoin Roulette Bonus 2018 Traditional table games are as popular as ever and that is thanks to new and exciting version of the classic being released using the Blockchain to provide unrivaled provably fair odds. Try using one of the 2018 Bitcoin roulette bonuses below and see if you can roll in a win using… Read More

The Bitcoin Debate

The Bitcoin Debate The debate on Bitcoin in the mainstream media has been extremely heated with both sides of the story hammering their points of view across. One media channel that has become famous for its wild debates on cryptocurrencies is CNBC. In a recent episode of the Fast Money show on CNBCs network, two… Read More