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As all major governments have accepted that Bitcoin is here to stay and its rise is inevitable then it has been left to the banks and financial institutes to try and halt its popularity. They realize the damage it can make to their profits, their giant bonuses and salaries as its popularity increases. They have therefore taken a leaf out of Donald Trump’s world and started using fake news. Put enough doubt into people’s minds and once the seed is sown then it is difficult to change.

Banks And Bitcoin

It is true that banks do not like Bitcoin and Stories like it is only used for illegal activities, the bubble will soon burst, you will loose everything has been around since its conception. However look at the facts, compare the value of a Bitcoin since introduced in 2009 and after 8 years even with the adverse publicity and fake news, it is still the best investment anyone has made.

The future of Bitcoin could be under threat because of fake news stories being peddled by the banking sector, a leading website has claimed. News site, which has recently been acquired by billionaire Calvin Ayre, claims the banks are trying to sully the industry in order to restore […]

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