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What Is The Best Bitcoin Dice Game Strategy
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Bitcoin Dice Game Strategy

Bitcoin Dice games work differently from traditional online casinos due to the bets being placed on the blockchain. The basics of both different types of games are based on similar chance. The key differences are that BitCasinos can offer a house edge of only 1%.

It is due to it having no financial transaction costs involved in the betting process.

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The saving is passed on so that it makes it a more attract proposition than its traditional counterpart. With the best bitcoin dice game strategy, it is easy to win and you have the added advantage of playing anonymously.

Provably Fair BTC Dice Games

The main difference between Bitcoin Dice and roll games you find at traditional casinos is that incorporated in the BTC website is a provably fair system that uses the blockchains technology. It means that an online ledger is displayed showing every transaction along with the amount bet.

The player’s details are anonymous. It shows the winning and losses to prove that the house ONLY has a 1% edge. With the new technology allowing for worldwide financial transactions to be free of cost, it has given the advantage to crypto casino sites as they can offer their players better returns.

Choosing The Best Bitcoin Dice Strategy

There are many BTC strategies you will find online. Most of them do not work or are a scam for you to buy a book or bot. Careful research is required and patients are key is you are going to be successful.

The Best Bitcoin Dice strategy is to combine a number of options together to devise a system that works on your preferred rolling game.

Double Down

The most commonly used betting strategy for Bitcoin Dice is called “Martingale” and it involves doubling your bet each time you lose until you win. Once you have one the amount placed as a bet goes back down to your base amount level. Unless you are extremely rich the base bet needs to be set low. If not you lose a large number of games in a row, the amount required to double down will be too large.

To stop a number of players using this strategy a number of sites have introduced a most bet level. It puts the odds back in the favor of the house.

One way to counteract this is to wait for the same bet to come in 5 or more times in a row. Betting on the opposite bet coming in increases your chances of winning. It enables you to avoid hitting the largest bet level. This Bitcoin Dice strategy takes patience and using a Bot to do this for you will enable you to run the strategy on autopilot.

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If you use a BTC Casino no deposit bonus, free rolls or welcome and matches bonuses, it will greatly increase your chances of winning big using this method.

Doubling Down After Each Win

The second most common Bitcoin Dice game strategy is called “Paroli“. It involves the player increasing their bet amount each time they win. After a loss is suffered the bet amount reverts back to the original base wager.

If you decide to give this method a try uses a BTC casino no deposit bonus, welcome, matched and free roll codes to play. Any losses that occur the bonuses cover it which makes it an extremely profitable system to use.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Due to the highly competitive marketplace, it is important that players take advantage of the Bitcoin Casino Bonuses available online. A great BTC gambling system is to bet half the amount you have set aside to play with and betting it 50 times.

If you use a bitcoin casino promo code make sure you find one that covers the 50% of the total you’re betting with.

The house edge is only 1% so you have a great chance of coming out on top. If you use a crypto bonus along with this method it covers any losses. You will also quickly reach the wager requirements of the BitCasino so that you can withdraw your profits.


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