When Is The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin
When Is The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin
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Best Time To Buy Bitcoin

Anyone who has ever placed a bet knows that you have a greater chance of winning if you know something of what you are betting on. This is reflected in the odds, the chances of winning are carefully studied and the odds of winning or losing are reflected in the judgment of the person giving the odds. We have made a careful study of Bitcoin to see if and when is the best time to invest. Firstly let me say that I am assuming you know what Bitcoin is and how it works.

When introduced in 2009 it began a very slow build up and was classed as a wait and see by people who were potential investors. The advent of Silk Road and internet betting sites, mainly Bitcoin dice games gave the currency a boost and as with anything once the ball started rolling it gradually gained momentum and started to gain recognition and therefore value due to supply and demand.

However, volatility took overdue to a number of factors. The currency was accused of being used for illegal purposes mainly through a site called silk road which supplied drugs, guns, etc, in fact, more or less anything that was illegal. This was because of its anonymity and ease of use. Silk Road was closed down although with the dark net it did not make much difference and illegal sites will always exist. In 2014 another episode made Bitcoin volatile, this was a fraud by a Japanese exchange called Mt. Gox and caused a number of things to happen to Bitcoin.

The first was that regulations were put in place requiring the Bitcoin to be regulated. This meant that people started to recognize that Bitcoin was now being accepted by financial institutes and the growth really began.

At the beginning of 2017, you could purchase one Bitcoin for approx $1,000 and today Mid August it would cost you over $4,000. It is interesting to note that 1st August there was a worry that the price would take a dramatic fall due to a fork in Bitcoin with a view to speeding up transactions.

Having studied and taken into account all the information, charts, ideas, speculations etc. I have come to the conclusion that Bitcoin is an ideal investment for the future. Short-term it will vary up and down perhaps with a spread of $1,000 either way for next few months but then it will rise in quick stages and could double or even treble in the next twelve months. So as a medium to the long-term investment I would certainly recommend as too much time and effort has been put in for it to fail.

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