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Everything You Need To Know About BetSpider Including Bonus Information


BetSpider is a new up-and-coming crypto casino that features classic and traditional board games alongside new and exciting slot games. It uses EOS and TRX currencies, and can also stake your cryptocurrency to mine more coins. You also have the option to invest in their “banker” scheme, which means you make a share of the casino’s profits.

BetSpider Free Bonus

BetSpider’s welcome bonus scheme is still being worked on, as the casino is still in its early days. At the moment, they offer the chance to win $5 of EOS or TRX. When you sign up, you will be given 100 FPC (free play coins) to bet with. If you win enough games and accumulate 1000 FPC, you can exchange these for $5 in either EOS or TRX.

Also included on the site is a referral bonus. For every friend you refer to, you will be rewarded with 2% of all their bets, which you can exchange for EOS or TRX, meaning you can be earning money every day your friends play.

However, BetSpider does not at this moment offer any free spins codes or other coupon code offers that can be redeemed.

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How Staking and Dividend Bonuses Work

BetSpider Stake And Dividends

Like most crypto-casinos, BetSpider allows you to stake some of your points to mine EOS or TRX, increasing your profits.When you play on BetSpider, you can win SP points. These SP points can then be staked. You can only earn SP points by betting, so if you want to mine a lot, make sure you play a lot of games!Monthly returns average 5,000 EOS and 258,000 TRX, making this a very worthwhile way to make money.

What Is The Banking Scheme

If earning your money on games is not your thing, you can get involved in the BetSpider banking scheme. Here you can invest in your EOS or TRX and you can share in the profits of the casino. The more you invest, the higher your returns. You are credited weekly straight into your account, and as the trend line for this casino is going up at a steady rate, this would be a good time to get involved.

What Games Are Available

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

Most of BetSpider’s table games are made by Golden Bull (BetSpider’s owner company). You can guarantee that you can only play these exciting games here! They are also constantly adding games to their repertoire to keep things interesting. Slot games here are made by a variety of the leading names in the online casino business, including TronLink, Genesis and Radis, so you can be sure to find plenty of fun games you know and love.

Do They Have A VIP Program

Included in BetSpider is their great VIP program. The more games you play, the higher up the VIP board you go, until you reach the highest rank of “Diamond.” This scheme is all about increasing your profits from the money you’ve put up.The Diamond rank gives you a 200% mining rank, meaning you can mine double the amount of EOS or TRX as casual players. To rise through the VIP ranks, you need to keep your VIP points high over a set amount of time, to stop people trying to cheat the system. To gain Diamon rank, you must maintain 12,000 VIP points over 120 days.

Linking Your Wallet

With BetSpider, you can easily link your EOS or TRX crypto-wallet with the site, meaning there is no need to separately deposit or withdraw money. Winnings can be converted into EOS or TRX straight away and put into your wallet.

Other Information

Overall, BetSpider is a fantastic casino to play at, and with new titles being added on a regular basis, the entertainment value is never-ending.The site is easy to use, and there are in-depth instructions linked to every game to make playing as simple as possible. Any problems can be reported to their team where you will receive advice from a real person.

While there is currently no BetSpider app for phones, the site is designed to be usable on mobile web browsers, being easy to navigate and play.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

Customer Support

This customer service area is geared to the gamers’ requirements. The “How to Play” section includes thorough explanations, from the intricacies of wagering to the intricacies of the game’s rules, as well as in-game features. If you ever run into any trouble with the site, you may use the “Contact Us” link to send a quick email to support representatives.

Final Thoughts

BetSpider is especially helpful for integrating EOS and TRX crypto-wallets into the site. The more games you play, the higher your VIP board will rise, up to the rank of “Diamond,” which is the highest possible VIP ranking. This site is straightforward to use, and each game has in-depth instructions that are available on the site. Unfortunately, there is no mobile app for the site; nevertheless, you can use the mobile web browser for it.

Is BetSpider any good?

BetSpider is one of the most technological advance casinos in the world that uses blockchain smart contacts to provide the ultimate decentralized gaming platform.

Is BetSpider legit?

Yes, it is owned by legit company BNG SOFTWARE LTD.

Do you need crypto to play at BetSpider

Yes, you will need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to be able to play at BetSpider.

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