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Bitcoin And The Blockchain Will Change the Online Gambling and Casino Industry


Blockchain Online Gambling

Looking at the gaming industry we can see that online it has grown rapidly over the past couple of years and will no doubt continue to do so. There are over 80 countries that have legalized the gambling industry. It is worth Billions of dollars.

Casinos have done their research and with so much money at stake (estimated $60 Billion by 2021) they are trying to keep ahead of competition. They are noting trends and analyzing who is playing online.

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When the internet was first introduced and the first Betting sites were introduced they were very simple and very boring. It was mainly due to the technology used . However as the technology improved so did the games introducing slots, Bitcoin Video Poker, Bingo, lottery etc. The industry started to grow becoming a way of entertainment as well as a place to gamble.

The next big turnaround was the development of the app. This was literally a game changer as now you could play anywhere at anytime. The choice of games has just grown and grown. Lots of different types of games can be downloaded. They can be played on the train in the car at home wherever you want.

You are only restricted by the amount you want to invest in your online experience.

Gaming has become a huge industry and is treated nowadays as an entertainment. It is trying not to be the big bad addictive platform it used to be. Governments gamble with our money every day and lets face it we all like to win. I sometimes wonder if governments don’t gamble our taxes away a little too easily.

Bitcoin Gambling Trends

Bitcoin Gambling Trends

Gambling trends have been studied and analysed by a number of analysts one of these being Technion. They have found some interesting facts about who gambles and why.

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One big change is the number of women who enjoy to bet online mostly using an app. It is hardly surprising as the number of women who have their own mobile smart phone are the majority. They can enjoy the experience of games without having to worry as they can play anywhere they like in private or as a group of friends.

The apps industry is massive as we all know and the games industry is growing every minute of every day. Games on which we can bet and win money like e sports ,Lottery. Bingo etc. are extremely popular. They are a world away from the original types of betting. Remember putting your fingers crossed on your Littlewoods coupon each week.

Casinos That Accept Bitcoin

Another growth industry is the introduction of Bitcoin which not only allows us to be anonymous but is safe and instant and the future of gambling online. The amount of casinos accepting Bitcoin has grown dramatically over the last couple of years.

One thing the advertising industry is aware of is that the majority of young people just skip the advertising without watching or reading. Their lives now revolve around social media (even the former President of the USA). This is where they will get their message across though they have to it without being intrusive.


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