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Will Robots Eventually Take Over The Gambling Industry?
Are Bitcoin gambling bots going to be the future.
Will Robots Eventually Take Over The Gambling Industry?

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The first evidence that computers would eventually be able to outshine expert human game players was back in 1997 when a program by IBM beat the best players in the world. Against the greatest chess player ever Garry Kasparov the result ended in the computer winning two to one along with six draws. The revolution seems to be taking shape in recent years with the invention of cryptocurrency. The most popular game is Bitcoin Dice which uses a provably fair system by showing all the transactions online. Is the next leap in gambling going to be robots taking over?

There have been some huge leaps forward in technology over the last few years and we live in extremely exciting times. With companies such as Magic Leap that project real imagery in your real environment, things are going to change fast. We are living in the virtual world more and more each year. What happens when the virtual world becomes far greater than the outside world.

Changes That Are Happening Now

Presently the gambling industry is booming but there is a new player in town and they are starting to take a large chunk of the sector. BTC Casinos started off slowly by only offering games specifically designed for the Blockchain such as Bitcoin Dice. Since the rapid rise of this crypto base rolling game it has encouraged new entrepreneurs to the table and they are taking on the established players head on.

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Next Generation Bitcoin Casinos

The next generation of online gambling is going to merge cryptocurrency due to the advantageous benefits it offers and the increase in demand. lots of the large casinos are now not offering payments in crypto but a large number are expected to over the coming years. BTC betting transactions now account for 10% of the marketplace and it is growing year on year. Traditionally established players can not avoid having to adopt or they will lose too many of their loyal following to website that offers this service.

Artificial Intelligence

It is only a matter of time before artificial intelligence becomes reality. Recently Google who is developing AI systems made great strides forward by designing a computer that could decide on its own and learn from its mistakes. Its development managed to create a software that beat the best player in the Chinese board game Go. It is the first sign that it is possible to create a computer that can think for itself and before this achievement it was deemed almost impossible.

With this discovery, it not going to be too long before they can create robots to control the casinos industry and outplay human players. Casino operators will have to start paying closer attention to those who are using Gambling Bots to game the system or they could find themselves out of business very quickly. It is going to be very interesting what the future holds for online gambling and the winners will be the ones that keep up to date with the latest trends along with technological advances that can help their company grow.

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