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Bitcoin Casino Gambling Surges In March With Over 1 Billion Bets
Bitcoin Casino Gambling Surges In March With Over 1 Billion Bets

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The Bitcoin Casino Gambling boom is gathering pace and if the main players do not make their move in this sector soon they could become obsolete. Gamblers are discovering the advantages of making the switch from real money to digital currency. The provably fair system using the Blockchain is a huge hit with bettors and that they can see in real-time all gambling transactions gives them the peace of mind that they are being treated fairly. With the cost savings of using BTC it has allowed crypto iGaming sites to offer better house edge and new concepts have come about using this technology. Now if you want to place bets you can do so without using any of your own cash as a large number have faucets where you can get Bits to play with free.

The size of the BTC betting sector is growing at a staggering pace and in March 2017 more than 1 billion was placed in bet on Bitcoin Casinos and gambling related cryptocurrency sites. Over $360,000 in Bitcoins was paid out to players in winnings and this amount is increasing month on month.

It is still in the early days for Bitcoin Casino Gambling but if it continues to grow at the current rate it will take a large percentage share of the sector. This has the main players worried and they now all considering offering BTC payment options so that they do not get left behind.

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It is estimated that in 2017 more than $2 billion will be placed in bets at Bitcoin Gambling Sites across the world. Over 360 bets every second are made using cryptocurrency and with the now grow rate the total amount bet this year could reach over $3 billion.

It is clear there is a bright future ahead for bitcoin in the gambling industry. Particularly bitcoin-based provably fair gambling has become a lot more popular throughout 2017. Casinos and gambling platforms dealing with cryptocurrency offer many benefits, that much is certain. Over 1 billion bitcoin-based bets were […]

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