How Bitcoin Is Changing The Face Of Online Casinos
How Bitcoin Is Changing The Face Of Online Casinos

Bitcoin And Casinos

When Bitcoin was first traded as a currency in 2011 no-one could know the impact that it would have on the gambling industry which has been revolutionised by its introduction. The first gambling site using Bitcoin was satoshiDICE and in 2012 was responsible for half the Bitcoin transaction volume. It did not take long for the industry to realise the great potential that was being created and very soon new sites were added daily. Since then technology has increased greatly due in part to the investment made by the gambling industry. The amount of different games and experiences you can have today is way off the scale to just a few years ago. With virtual reality, e sports, live action etc. we are in a different world in comparison to that first site. It has also put casinos in a far better light with the provable fairness of betting with digital currency an important requirement meaning everything is honest and above-board and the chances of winning are good.

Bitcoin Casino Growth

bitcoin trends

One of the reasons for Bitcoin growth among casinos is that being a digital currency it allows for the transactions to remain anonymous as there is no third-party involved like a bank or financial institution and so they are safe and secure as are the details of the person who is gambling.

Casinos have to show transparency and because they have to abide by the rules of provable fairness it is easy for a customer to see what the odds are and the house edge etc. whilst having fun with lots of different games and experiences. This is a growth industry and Bitcoins are the future for both customers and casinos and will continue to be so.

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