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Mistakes To Avoid When Playing Bitcoin Craps
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Bitcoin Craps Tips

Most people who gamble at Bitcoin Casino sites does not fully understand the games which give them a lower chance of winning. Many dealers that work at casinos are not acquainted with the genuine chances and fundamental math of the games that they deal in. They are well-trained experts in how the games work. They understand the terms of payouts of the different types of bets. That does not make them experts on the subject.

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In this article I will go through the Best Bitcoin Craps Tips. I will talk about mistakes you need to avoid to make money when playing at BTC Casino websites.

They are many Bitcoin Craps tips and advice online for but most will not improve your chances at the table. The best way to be successful is to avoid making a mistake and not trying to outwit the game.

By avoiding costly mistakes you will greatly improve the amounts of BTC you will win.

If you are new to BTC Craps or have played awhile and want to improve, below are a number of mistakes you must avoid.

Placing Bets On Each Of The Box Numbers

If you put your wager on all the craps box numbers your odds are no greater than placing it on Come Bet Odds. The house’s edge will always catch up to the player and the BTC casino will end up on top over the long-term.

For Bitcoin Bets placed on 4 or 10, the house’s edge is 6.67%. It means every 100 plays you will average this percentage as a loss. Betting on 5 or 9 the edge rate of the house is 4% so even though it is better it is not the best hand to play.

Remember place wagers of the 6 and 8 must be made in additions of 6 units.

The best craps bet to make playing at Bitcoin Casinos is betting on 6 or 8 as a place bet. It has a house edge rate of only 1.52% and is far greater than the above odds. The bet with the highest odds in the player’s favor is the come bet with odds. Remember Place wagers of the 6 and 8 must be made in increments of 6 units.

To get the highest payout when betting with ten unit come bets you’ll need to wager 12 units.

BTC Craps Place Betting Box Numbers

Avoid placing a wager on Place Bets as this is one of the biggest mistakes that Crypto craps players make. A large number do not learn from this mistake so continue to lose out to the BTC Casino site.

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Below is a list of bets that you should not make if you want to be successful at Bitcoin crap tables:

  • The Horn
  • The Whirl
  • The C&E
  • The Hardways
  • The Field
  • Betting On 2, 3, 11 along with 12
  • Any 7 Bet
  • Hop Bets
  • Fire Bets
  • High or Low

The above Bitcoin Craps Bets have a house edge starting from 5.56% up to 25%. Using any of the mentioned will mean that you will lose out to the BTC casino as the odds are heavily in their favor.

BTC Craps Trend Betting

Another common mistake of players is by either betting on a trend in the game or against it. All Bitcoin gambling games depend on probabilities along with math. The short run can be clamorous in light of the fact that either number may appear again and again for a time-frame.

The issue we have is straightforward: It is impossible to know when a pattern will show up or what that pattern games btc will be. There is no way of knowing whether it will proceed or stop completely.

Always Bets On The Hands With The Best House Edge

The bets you should place when playing Bitcoin Casino Craps are the Come, Pass Line, Don’t Come and Don’t Pass bets.

These have the greatest odds with the lowest house edge of 1.4%.

Use Bitcoin Craps Bonuses

There are many Bitcoin Casino Bonuses available for BTC craps and using them will increase your bankroll along with odds of winning. You will get free crypto in return for signing up as a new player, matched deposits of up to 300% or more, no deposit bonus rewards and reload offers that you can take advantage of.

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