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Is the Bitcoin Market Too High Risk for Investment


Bitcoin Market Investment

The most talked about financial innovation is happening and it will change the future of banking as we know it. The BitCoin was introduced for a number of reasons. Think about the crash of 2008 when governments had to bail out the banks. Bad judgement by gambling with money we invested led to chaos. Bank employees all wanting their cut, the higher up the chain the more they want.

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How can it be right that CEOs of companies can draw millions of pounds when all they do is gamble with our money. Lets face it they would never take the risks if the money was their own.

It is frustrating and wrong but what can we do about it. They seem to be covered no matter what. Make mistakes giant cock ups it doesn’t matter their job comes with a golden handshake worth more than a normal employees lifetime salary. There has to be a better way to invest and there is Bitcoin.

Bitcoins Future

Bitcoin is now accepted globally and if you follow its progress from the start you will see how it has risen in value and will hopefully continue to do so. As with any currency the value can rise and fall.

Speak to an expert like former HSBC fund manager Charlie Morris who ran a $3 Billion investment fund and they will tell you how times are changing.

Look how much has changed since the introduction of the smartphone and the internet. Just think of the times before the credit and debit card. When we were all asking is VHS better than Betamax It seems so long ago and yet it is a relatively short period.

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Times are changing and people will always want to know their money is safe and will not devalue. Think about when we used to get decent returns on our investments deposited at a bank and could watch our savings grow. Not anymore but if you invest in Bitcoin you have the chance.

Some would say the certainty that your money will escalate in value. Because you had the foresight to see and understand that now released BTC cannot be stopped and is an investment that carries hope for a great future


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