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The Casinos Industry Is Being Revolutionized With Bitcoin


Bitcoin Gambling Revolution

At the start BTC Dice Games led the way to the beginning of the revolutionize of the online gambling industry. Today Bitcoin Casinos are growing at a rapid pace all across the globe and already are taking a large percentage share of the gamble sector. If the trend continues it will completely revolutionize the market.

All gambling companies will have to offer cryptocurrency services or be left behind. There are any advantages for operators to switch to a crypto based model. Below we take a further look at why it is revolutionizing the industry.

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Why Bitcoin Is Perfect For Casino Operators

The fact that using Bitcoin and the Blockchain allow for instant payments, extremely low costs, and anonymity, make it a perfect fit for the casino industry. The estimated global market gambling revenue is around $30 – $40 billion pounds annually. BTC casinos now account for a 10% market share of this revenue which has come about in only a couple of years.

The traditional operators are under threat and if they do not cater for the growing demand, they could end up been left behind.

What Games Are Available At Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Dice still to this day remains the most popular BTC game to play. Other different traditional classics are now starting to take off. Crypto video poker and slots are becoming mainstream. There are even huge tournaments arrange across the world for purely cryptocurrency gambling.

With more and more sites adopting the new digital currency it is starting a revolution.

Why Is Bitcoin Outperforming Every Asset Class For The Last Two Years?

One of the main reasons why Bitcoin is experiencing rapid grow over the last couple of years is down to the worldwide financial crisis. Each time when a bail out of countries exiting the Euro happen, BTC sees a huge influx of new customers. It is safer to store your own money when banks are failing stress tests.

It is also wise to store a percentage of your money in cryptocurrency as if like in the UK recent, your country exits the Euro your money is devalued. You can lose 20 – 50% overnight due to this. It also means if the crisis in Cyprus or Greece happened in your country, you would have full control of your own money.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

BTC Gambling Transactions

With Bitcoin Gambling transactions growing at a fast pace along with taking a large chunk of the revenue, traditional online operators will not be able to turn a blind eye for longer. Once they do all fully commit to offering cryptocurrency the sector it will transform the industry.

There will sure to be a number of legislation, security and laws challenges. What makes it hard for the regulators is that it is decentralized. That means there is no one they can hold accountable.

The Government could not stop you from accessing your money or the banks stealing it to pay off bad debt losses.

Bitcoin has the qualities to improve the customer experience, increase the odds and make the online gambling companies more money. It is not often you come across a product that benefits both the company and the consumer at the same time. It is why it is only a matter of time before the big boys enter.

If they are too late it could already be controlled by new operators.

Bitcoin Casinos Provably Fair Systems

BTC Casinos offer provably fair systems which display the bets on the encrypted blockchain ledger for all players to see. The Blockchain was designed to set the people free from the greedy banking sector whose system is set up to fail.

New entrepreneurs entering the space have followed this concept and have designed specially made scripts to help the users as well as themselves. A prime example of this is Faucets where users can get free crypto by visiting sites and filling out CAPTCHA codes.

You can play free crypto games online using a faucet so you can enjoy the experience without taking any risks.


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