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Bitcoin correction sees nearly $4 billion wiped off value of the cryptocurrency as price falls 19%

Bitcoin Price Falls The price of Bitcoin continues to rapidly grow year on year but it is still suffering from volatility. The digital currency is in its early growth stage and until the market cap reaches a certain level where big withdrawals with not dramatically effect the price it will continue to see wild swings… Read More

Take My Bitcoin...Please! A Comedian Mines the Currency for Laughs

Bitcoin Comedy Margaux Avedisian is a comedian who is using Bitcoin jokes in her shows to get laughs from the audience. One of her best BTC jokes is: “Do we have any libertarians in the house?” “You must be so happy with this administration? It actually makes Gary Johnson look like not a bad idea.… Read More

Bitcoin use to expand in near future – ex-Russian Finance Minister

Bitcoin Russia In a recent interview with RT Aleksey Kudrin the Ex-Russian finance minister gives his views on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency use in Russia. He was speaking at the Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. “I don’t rule out that there is a bubble here, but for several years we will have an expansion of bitcoin… Read More

Survey: Malaysians Warm Up to Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Still on Top

Cryptocurrency In Malaysia The Cryptocurrency market in Malaysia is starting to gather pace with many wealthy Malayans investing in Crypto with their preferred choice being Bitcoin. In a recent survey carried out by Luno the following results show how the sector is developing in this region. The survey showed: 47% of Malaysian crypto investors had… Read More

Cubits Bitcoin Wallet And Money Exchange If you have not yet set up a BTC wallet one of the best available on the market is Cubits. They have a very simple interface and it is possible to buy or sell Bitcoin with your credit card. It is fast and east to send and receive BTC… Read More

buy bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin You would have thought that people would be lining up in their droves to buy the best performing asset of any class for the last three years but many are still skeptical about buying Bitcoin. It has had bad press in the past while the digital currency was going through its early adaption… Read More

Why Ethereum and Bitcoin Are So Popular Lately

Price Of Bitcoin And Ethereum The Cryptocurrency boom is going from strength to strength with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the way. There are many factors why the prices of crypto are sky rocketing and one of the main reasons is down to the worlds financial crisis. Since the crash of 2008 things have not improved… Read More