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Choosing The Best Bitcoin Slots (Winning BTC Slots)
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Best Bitcoin Slots

Firstly let us look at bricks and mortar casinos slot machines or ones in amusement arcades and pubs and clubs. They have been around for quite a few years now. The theory of how to beat them continues mainly from people who are convinced the system can be beaten and is not random. I am sorry to say they are under an illusion. They are chasing a dream that will never come true but the best bitcoin slots maybe about to change that.

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Casinos will not stress that they are completely impossible to predict. They want customers to try out their theories by placing more bets than they would trying to prove their theory. The theories are endless and include:

  • Play a machine that has not paid out for a while
  • Play one that is in a corner
  • Pull down the handle sharply
  • Only play max bet slots
  • Only play progressive jackpot slots

When you have a near miss on a machine looking for that last cherry or gold star it doesn’t matter the odds of winning start new every time. This is similar to the myth in roulette that if you see five red wins in a row then black will win next it is completely wrong as statistics would show.

Originally pulls, weights and levers were used in slot machines. These are no longer as technology has changed everything. Random Number Generators( RNG) are what are used now. These are an algorithm that generates random numbers and is impossible to predict. There is no sequence to discover it is just completely random.

It works similar to how the balls for the lottery are picked completely random.

The only difference between slot machines is the amount of money that is paid out. Therefore when setting the odds it will take into account the amount to be placed each attempt dependent on the jackpot amount. The smaller amount machines pay out small amounts more regularly. The high jackpot machines of course pay less often but at a greater value.

Progressive jackpots can amount to huge jackpots but as with lottery jackpots are very hard to hit but there is always that chance and if you don`t play you will never have a chance of winning. There are many exciting slot machines and new ones added all the time including ones in 3d, video slots and 7 reel slots.

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Whatever you try just remember it is just luck but hopefully luck will be on your side.

The Rise Of Bitcoin Slot Machines

The next generation of gambling is here in the form of cryptocurrency and provably fair gaming. Now you do not need to rely on what the operator says the edge percentage is because by using the blockchain all bets at displayed on a public ledger. It proves for the first time the most transparent slots games. They work exactly the same but have advantages of instant cash out and anonymous play.

The best thing is you can use our Bitcoin Slot Machines Free Spins bonuses to try them out for yourself.