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Margaux Avedisian is a comedian who is using Bitcoin jokes in her shows to get laughs from the audience. One of her best BTC jokes is:

“Do we have any libertarians in the house?”

“You must be so happy with this administration? It actually makes Gary Johnson look like not a bad idea. But he’s like Bitcoin Unlimited—never gonna happen.”

It is a risky joke to tell as many do not understand the punchline. The joke is reference to an update that is needed to which is called Bitcoin Unlimited in the cyrpto community.

Ms. Avedisian is 33-year-old and has two companies related to Bitcoin and invests personally in the cryptocurrency space. She has traveled a large part of the world and used Bitcoin whenever possible to pay for everything. She is the vice president at Transform and is well known in the BTC industry. Her comedia career started out in MonetaGo and she was a regular at the Bitcoin Center New York.

Margaux Avedisian entered the worlds of comedy (via an open-mic night) and bitcoin on the same day in 2012. “Do we have any libertarians in the house?” The comedian, Margaux Avedisian, is setting up her audience. “You must be so happy with this administration,” she continues, after maybe half […]

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