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Bitcoin Gambling In SE Asia

If you had asked most people who had heard about Bitcoin just a couple of years ago, most would have said that by 2017 is would be dead in the water. During its early stages there were many huge scandals involving BTC such as the world largest exchange going bust. It is quite remarkable how this new digital currency has not only survived these scares but has flourished. More businesses are getting involved with Blockchain related technology and now it is inconceivable to think of a future in which cryptocurrency is not a large part of this.

The worlds largest online casinos, sportsbooks and betting companies are still sitting on the fence. This has allowed a new type of entrepreneur rise from the ashes and not only compete but now become a serious threat to the established players bottom line. Gambling with Bitcoin has huge advantages and the cost saving from using this technology means that these sites can offer better odds for the player. There are also many BTC casino and gambling websites where player do not have to spend their own money as they can use Faucets to get crypto at no cost. It is impossible for the main players to compete with free cash and no risk which is why many players are making the switch.

The boom in Bitcoin gambling transactions is happening in SE Asia and Japan along with China are leading the way. This region is playing a huge part in the growth of cryptocurrency and four leading BTC experts are meeting at the ASEAN Gaming Summit. They are Oron Barber from Coinpoint, Jiten Melwani from Bitgame Labs, Marvin Jones from Playbetr and they will discuss all things related to cryptocurrency iGaming. Read the full article at Calvin Ayre website by clicking the link below:

Despite being considered as a theoretical air pocket less than a decade ago, bitcoin is fast becoming popular among businesses and operators as a possible option for payments processing. In the online gambling sector, bitcoin appeals to gamblers because it allows them to make and receive payments almost instantly, […]

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