Decoding Enigma Of Digital Currency Phenomenon Bitcoin
Decoding Enigma Of Digital Currency Phenomenon Bitcoin
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The Bitcoin Enigma

Bitcoin continues to surprise the financial markets and many of the worlds largest investors thought that the new digital currency would be dead in the water by now. Instead it is now more valuable than gold and out performs other currencies by thousands of percent.

Bitcoin may have started off as just number of a screen but now it is becoming a serious threat to Fiat currency. If the trend continues over the next decade we could well see a switch from Fiat to Cryptocurrency. The ones who have made their money out of the present model are trying to stop its rise but it looks like that will be in vain.

Bitcoin Risks

To find out more about the 9 sides of Bitcoin, the article below covers everything you could possible wish to know about BTC. Make sure you subscribe to for the latest Crypocurrency news and Bitcoin Casino Bonus Codes.

Everything you need to know about bitcoin Source: Investopedia & Agencies Bitcoin, the first decentralized digital currency, recently made news when it became the choice of currency for the cyber attackers who crippled computer networks around the world. After which, the value of the currency shot up and now […]

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