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Ethereum 2,800% Rally Continues To Hits Record Highs
Ethereum 2,800% Rally Continues To Hits Record Highs

Ethereum Rally

Ethereum is Bitcoins main rival in the digital currency space and even though it is still way behind with regards market capital it has many advantages of BTC. Investors have seen Bitcoin reach record highs and many think that Ethereum will gradually catch up. If it does then it is heavily under priced which is why it is seen as such an attractive investment. So far this year the rally has seen the price jump 2,800% and the signs are that it will continue as the 2017 progresses.

One of the main differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin is the design of the network it sits on. With Ethereum it is possible for smart contracts to be generated to allow applications to contract to it. The possibilities are endless which is why so many investors are looking to buy the currency while it is still in its infancy stage so that can make huge profits in the future once the technology becomes mainstream.

For more information about the Ethereum Rally click the link below.

Ethereum, an alternative cryptocurrency to bitcoin , hit a fresh record high on Sunday, amid continued interest in the digital asset space and increased trade from Asia. On Sunday, ethereum traded at an all-time high of $250.41, according to data from industry website CoinDesk. This is up 2,839 percent […]

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