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Ethereum Is A Serious Threat To Bitcoins Status As The Number One Cryptocurrency
Ethereum Is A Serious Threat To Bitcoins Status As The Number One Cryptocurrency

Ethereum And Bitcoin

The surge in Bitcoins price has been well publicised but its main rival in the Cryptocurrency space Ethereum is getting very little publicity. This is surprising considering the price in percentage terms has increase more with Ethereum than compared to BTC. There is huge worldwide demand for all things crypto and blockchain related and Ethereum is capitalizing on this trend.

Ethereum And Bitcoin

Ethereum has many more possibility compared with Bitcoin and that is what is driving the price sky high. It is still a long way behind BTC but a lot will depend on what different technologies associated with each At the moment the U.S securities and exchange are looking to pass regulation on Ethereum and if they give it the green light it will definitely close the gap on it rival.

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Bitcoin has had a huge advantage due to been the first cryptocurrency but there are still many matter that need resolving such as the size of the blocks that deal with all the blockchains transactions. If that matter can not be resolved Ethereum will be in waiting to steal the number one stop of the worlds favorite crypto. It is going to be very interesting over the next few year to see if it can catch Bitcoin or if another rival rises up to become the number one cryptocurrency.

If other countries follow Japans lead to change laws on cryptocurrency then the bull market the space is experiencing will be nothing compared with the huge influx of new digital currency customers. It is exciting times and with the current adoption rate along with hundreds of new Blockchain businesses launching each month, it will not be long before crypto is a serious player in the worldwide currency market. Find out more by clicking the BBC News link below:

Blockchain’s Peter Smith speaks at the Consensus 2017 conference in New York The price of Bitcoin, a digital currency once at the fringe of finance, has risen to new records in recent months as digital assets move into the mainstream. On Tuesday, it shot past $2,200 (£1,700), […]

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