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FunFair Casino

Fun Fair is the future of casinos and this world-class platform is going to change the industry within the next couple of years. It is a unique concept using smart Ethereum contracts offering a decentralized experience. It has overcome the challenges faced by Bitcoin Casinos to give the highest quality games that are superior to any that are presently available. It will create the world’s most transparent provably fair gaming platform that can be implemented in a single click.

Fun Fair Casino Games

Fun Fair Casino Games

One of the technological advances that Fun Fair provides is the ability for anyone to host their games on their website within one click of a button. It opens the door for anyone to start an online casino without the need for any administration, money handling or regulation. These are all part of the Ethereum smart contract that fully automates the process.

Why You Should Invest Money At Fun Fair

1. Decentralized Platform

What makes Fun Fair stand out from the crowd is it is fully decentralized. It uses smart Ethereum Contracts along with technology open sourced to offer a completely fair and transparent platform. It dramatically reduces the costs of transactions on the blockchain which enables it to outperform Bitcoin-based casinos. It is going to create the world’s largest provably fair platform which gamblers for the first time will be able to play knowing they are on a level playing field and the game is not tilted in the casino’s favor.

2. Improved User Experience

Fun Fair has taken the traditional online casino and brought it fully up to date to use the latest technology. It offers the fastest payouts, fairness, and speed with cutting-edge graphics along with gameplay. The creators behind it have in excess of 40 years in the iGaming industry and have unrivaled experience and knowledge. Why not try it for yourself using the preloaded games on the site and after we are sure you will want to invest in the FunFair ICO event.

3. FUN Tokens

What makes this platform unique is that the games are played using its own tokens as currency. It uses Ethereum smart contracts to reward its users for taking part. The Fun Token is converted into chips that can be used to play the wide range of games. Developers taking part will be paid out in Fun Coins along with affiliate partners.

4. FunFair Casino License

To set up your own traditional online casino will set you back a minimum of $100,000. By using Fun Fair technology it is possible to set up a white label casino for a fraction of the costs. It offers greater flexibility, automation to reduce the overheads and first-class games.

Fun Fair Conclusion

If you want to take part in the Fun Fair Token event check the website for the latest details at and you can also sample the games in action. It is exciting times in the gambling industry, Bitcoin Casinos are currently leading the way but they will soon be overtaken by Ethereum Smart Contact platforms and FunFair is well placed to become the world leader.

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