The Future Of Bitcoin And BTC Gambling
The Future Of Bitcoin And BTC Gambling

Bitcoin Gambling Future

When it was first introduced nearly 10 years ago Bitcoin was quite simply thought of as a novelty that was just for the tech geeks. No one could have thought at that time that it would have the effect it is having today. Just think if you had bought a few bitcoins in 2009 you would now be a multi millionaire. Technology has moved so rapidly over the past few years it makes you wonder what the future will bring. Science fiction seems to be changing into science fact. We live in a world that began its mammoth change with the introduction of the internet which has added another dimension to our lives.

Social media means we live our lives along people we know on an instant basis. The President of the USA can tell us his opinion with a tweet when he wants. Countries can and have been changed as connections are made instantly with people sharing same views about what is going on in their lives. The concept behind Bitcoin was a similar thing. It was envisioned to be used by ordinary people in this relatively new world of the internet being a currency for all not controlled by banks or governments but free to use as no third-party is involved. It was designed to be transparent in as much as every transaction is recorded and entered into a blockchain which is basically an electronic ledger proving the transaction took place. It is virtually impossible to stop progress and now Bitcoin is established it will continue to change the future.

BTC Gambling Future

One of the main areas it has made an impact on has been the gambling industry. This is due to its anonymity, its security, its lack of third-party charges and its speed of transaction. This has created an investment from the gambling industry on a massive scale. New games with outstanding high-definition graphics, provably fair technology, live player interaction are all down to the need to attract players to the Bitcoin casinos. Investment on this scale shows the confidence the gambling industry has on Bitcoin being around for many years to come and in fact the idea of a global technology that can be accessed by all is one that can be used for many things besides currencies.

My thoughts are that Bitcoin will continue to grow and any casinos that think they can do without it will fall by the wayside as its advantages are too great to be ignored.

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