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What Is Geo-blocking In Bitcoin Gambling


Bitcoin Gambling Geo-blocking

There is no centralized authority that issues Bitcoin like a bank issues paper currency it is solely online and as such regulating it has been a learning curve for governments. When first introduced there were no restrictions on it but it showed volatility because of its newness and unique way of money management.

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In the last six years it has had many ups and downs. Now it is stabilizing and governments have realized its potential. They are taking action to make it part of everyday normality. The main asset it has is that it is global and can be used by anyone with a computer.

Bitcoin Gambling Restrictions

At the present time there is a big debate in the EU with regard to cryptocurrencies. It is expected that restrictions that have been placed on them will be relaxed. It will need to be generalized as it needs to be equal for all.

It has been noted that there are many forms of currency that can be used for illegal activities. For example pre-paid credit cards bogus accounts etc. The bottom line is that it is not only the Bitcoin used for illegal activities but many forms of currency. It cannot be used as a scapegoat.

Bitcoin Casino Geo-blocking

At this moment in time, there is Geo Blocking on gambling sites in many countries. It is because Governments want to make sure that all taxes and dues and demands are met. The more they can make out of us the better for them.

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It is why Casinos are wary of trading in certain countries as they risk being heavily fined or closed down. The USA is one example of how complex the situation is. If you live in one state the rules are clear. Live two miles away in another state and the rules can be the complete opposite.

Take for instance capital punishment the difference between life and death is your postcode. It is crazy but who puts the people making the rules in to govern, we do.


However, technology moves on and cannot be stopped. We already have a way to get around rules and regulations it is called a VPN. (Virtual Private Network). It allows us to appear to be online in a different country.

It takes time but eventually the technology behind Bitcoin will be recognized for the truly brilliant concept it was invented for.


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