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The Global Open Sourced Decentralized Supercomputer

Decentralized Supercomputer

At the moment the computing power around the world is controlled by internet data center companies. To tackle this problem the Golem Project was set up to try to enable worldwide sharing of computer power. It is an open sourced project to create a decentralized supercomputer that will use a network of machines and combined the power.

Topics Talked About Are:

  • What is the Golem Project
  • How will Golem help companies are people
  • TrueBit, iExec and Golem comparison
  • How the network of Golem works differently than others
  • Ethereum and Golem
  • Golem payment system
  • Decentralized computing power marketplace


I am the founder of Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus and have been studying concurrency technology since 2013. I have been traveling South East Asia for the last 6 years and am a huge gaming fans that takes part in eSports competitions. I love relaxing on a evening watching the sun set with a cold beer and great music. I also teach other travelers how to become digital nomads so they can become free of the system.

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