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How High Will The Price Of Bitcoin Go By The End Of 2017


Bitcoin 2017

If you were an early investor in Bitcoin you are going to be extremely well off. The good news for investors that have not bought any BTC or Blockchain related business shares. It is still early and once the big money invests we will see another huge rise in the price of Bitcoin.

The news this year for Bitcoin on a whole has been extremely positive and it is that which has started a boom in the price of BTC. Japan in December announced that Bitcoins could be used as a legal method of payment. Russia has allowed its largest retailers online to accept Bitcoin as a payment method which took many by surprise as this was not expected until 2018.

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How high the price of Bitcoin will go to by the end of 2017 depends on a number of factors. One of the most important is if the Securities and Exchange Commission in the U.S. allow an ETF that has been proposed by the Winklevoss twins.

If this ruling passes it could fuel another huge surge in price with estimates of it reaching over $4,000 before the turn of the year. So far the digital currency is over 170% up with many experts expecting it to go a lot further.

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Markets Insider Bitcoin is closing in on record territory. The cryptocurrency was trading up by 2.1% at $2,573 a coin as of 7:03 a.m. ET. The early advance has bitcoin on track for its best close ever. It would need to top $2,799 to put in its best print […]

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