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BTC Craps

How To Play Bitcoin Craps Games Online

Bitcoin Craps Games

One of the oldest and most celebrated games at the casino is Craps and now you can play it by using cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Craps Games work exactly the same as the traditional version. You can choose to play live or online.

There are many advantages of making the switch and playing at BitCasino sites instead of fiat based establishments. You will win more money due to the financial transaction costs been zero and have access to instant deposits along with withdrawals.

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If you are thinking about playing Bitcoin Casino Craps but do not understand the rules or how to play, we have put together this guide to help you. You will then get to grasps with what the best bets are along with the terminology used.

It is advisable to play free versions first before using your own BTC so that you practice and get good before taking financial risks. You can then also try a number of different strategies to see which one works best and the implement it when playing for real money.

Bitcoin Craps Beginners Guide

BitCasino Craps games involve the player rolling two dice and the outcome of the roll determines if a player has won or lost. There are many different complexity levels that you must understand and below we take a look at the basics.

BTC Craps games are divided into two phases which are called the come out phase along with the point phase.

Phase One – The Come Out

Before the player rolls the pair of dice, players have to place bets on the pass line. The bets placed must amount to the minimum house bet. Once the dices have been rolled there are three different outcomes which are:

  • If 2,3 or 12 are rolled all of the bets placed on the pass line are lost.
  • If 7 or 11 are rolled all of the bets placed on the pass line win which is paid out at even money.
  • All other numbers rolled become part of the point for the second phase.

Phase Two – The Point Out

The second part of the phase starts when a player has rolled 4,5,6,8,9 and 10. To begin with, the croupier moves a marked button on the number which was rolled in the previous game. If for instance, you rolled 8, this number is the point.

To win the bet placed on the pass line the player must roll in a 8 before they roll in a 7. If 7 is rolled before an 8 the bet is lost. The game stops once either the 8 or 7 roll in.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

If you and the point out number comes in you win and the game starts over again.

Phase Two – The Come Bets

During the second phase of Bitcoin Casino Craps, the players get a chance of make come bets. These are bets on the chances of one of the other numbers rolling in.

If you have rolled an 8 during the first phase this number is set as the point total. Players can now place a come bet. If it is won if the new points out total rolls in as well as the original total. Below is an example of this:

  • If you do not roll the points out number the bet is active.
  • If you do not roll the total 7 the bet is still active.
  • If you roll the total 5 this also become a new points out total.

It means that Bitcoin Craps players will win in the following rolls if the total 5 or the other points out total is rolled. They will lose if they roll a 7 before either of the two points out numbers come in.

With each different roll a new bet can be made and if 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 drops in they can be added to the list of new come in bets. It only stops when one of these come in or the total 7 if rolled then the players lose.

If the come out total is rolled it must be done a second time to cash out. The points bets made all stand however until a 7 is rolled.

Above are the basic rules so that you get an understand of the basics of Bitcoin Craps Games. Once you have played free versions to improve your skills you will be ready to move onto the more complex bets that you are able to make. These include odds bets, don’t come bets and don’t pass bets.

Bitcoin Craps Bonuses

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