Leading Platform Makes Bitcoin Available To Millions Of UK Retail Investors
Leading Platform Makes Bitcoin Available To Millions Of UK Retail Investors
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Bitcoin Available To UK Retail Investors

The UK is leading the way with Bitcoin investments and now real investors will be able to get access to it through one of the biggest platforms in Britain. Before this announcement it BTC investment was only carried out by tech-savvy and professionals but not the gate are open for the general public to get involved.

No other asset in the world is performing as well as Bitcoin has over the last three years and already this year it is over five time the amount it was only one year ago.

The Bitcoin investment platform will be offered through Hargreaves Lansdown and investors will gain access to the Only BTC traded exchange notes in Europe. What makes this investment an extremely attractive proposition is that clients are able to invest through using a SIPP. It will allow the UK public to invest without the problems of regulation and security. The brokerage is expecting this to be in high demand as it makes an excellent addition to investors portfolios.

UK Bitcoin Exchange Platform

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Bitcoin peaked at over $2,700 during May. Investing in bitcoin will no longer be the preserve of professionals and the tech-savvy, as one of Britain’s largest investment platforms will allow retail clients to jump on board the cryptocurrency bandwagon. The price of bitcoin has surged over the […]

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