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How To Learn From Your Bitcoin Gambling Losses


Bitcoin Gambling Losses

Everyone gambles in one way or another. We gamble on finding the right partner whether the marriage will last. We gamble on our jobs whether we will earn enough money to be secure. Risks are a gamble and we take them every day just by crossing a road.

We take the risk of being run over so one way or another we all gamble the difference is we have a choice. If we don`t cross the road then we know we won`t be knocked down. If we don`t get married we won`t get divorced etc.

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My point is that we all have the ability to choose. Bitcoin gambling is an experience that many enjoy. The feeling of there being a life changing moment to come by way of a huge jackpot is one that we all entertain.

However, when we lose reality the experience can become an obsession and that’s when we need to step back. It is vital that we assess our situation before we ruin our lives and the lives of the people we love.

If ever you have been to a meeting of Gamblers Anonymous you will know what I mean. Some of the stories can be harrowing. We need to look at a number of reasons why we become losers and how we can change our attitude and risks we take.

It would be easy to just say stop, never go above what you can afford and bet responsibly but we all know it is more complicated than that.

To end up being a loser most of us blame it on fate or on events beyond our control. How many times have we said it can only happen to me. Some start gambling to try and make money because they have pressure from being in serious debt. That can only make matters worse the sensible option is to seek help.

There is no debtors prison anymore and until you face up to the fact you will live in a nightmare world.

If you read a book by someone who has overcome adversity on a big scale like some paraplegic athlete or refugee who has traveled thousand of miles to find safety, you appreciate that there is always someone worse off than you. They live better due to their inner strength.

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If you treat today as if it is the first day you start gambling then put down some rules and stick to them. Tell yourself of the consequences if you don`t. Fix what you can afford to bet and if you have no spare cash then don`t bet.

Instead look at Bitcoin Casino games where you just play for fun. Don`t build your life around sitting in front of a computer all day limit the time you spend online. Sometimes writing a blog about your experiences helps. You can find others in the same situation who can act as support for each other.

Try putting away the computer laptop or tablet for a while and substitute walking, exercise or a hobby you have always fancied. Anything to take your mind off will help as your urges decrease. You may become a healthier person both physically and mentally.


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