Live Bitcoin Poker Game Theory
Live Bitcoin Poker Game Theory
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Bitcoin Poker Theory

There are a large amount of Bitcoin Poker game strategies available online but few actually work. There are a number however that have an in-depth understanding and using these theories can greatly improve a player’s chances. Due to the fact that other human players are involved in the outcome of the game, there are countless possibilities that can affect the result. It takes a great amount of understanding psychology along with mathematics.

Live Bitcoin Poker is exactly the same as the traditional version apart from the currency used is BTC. It is a game that requires a high level of skill to be successful. Below we have put together essential information that you must know so you have the best opportunity of winning.

No Strategy Is Perfect

All Live BTC Poker strategy do not work all of the time so it important to understand this as it is impossible to win all of the time. A lot will depend on the skills of the other players along with the cards that you have been dealt. It is a game of chance but using the best strategy and game theory you can greatly increase your chances.

Twin Approach Poker Game Theory

If you are playing Bitcoin Poker for large jackpots you will be up against another opponent who are similarly skilled. The theory Twin Approach takes into consideration that you are playing like-minded players to give you an advantage. It takes a lot of practice to become good at poker as you need to be able to adapt to lots of different situations and have a great knowledge of statistical chances. This theory uses unexpected and unpredictable ways to beat its opponent but it is based on solid mathematical chance.

Zero-Sum Poker Game Theory

Due to the fact that at one player takes all the winnings once the hand is fully played out, it is known as the zero-sum game. The goal of poker is to take all the player’s chips so that they are on zero and once this happens you are the winner.

Zero-Sum game theory uses a system that uses the value of the bet placed as a way of winning more games. When a player has lots of chips they act differently to when they only have a few left. Taking this personality trait into consideration the theory uses it as part of its strategy and if carried out well can work extremely good.


When using a strategy it is important that you do not use the same one repeatedly as if you play against the same players you gameplay will become predictable. The best type of theory to use is one that involves mathematical probability and the percentage odds along with a psychological element attached. Due to Live Bitcoin Poker been a game where humans compete against each other, the one that implements their strategy best will come out on top.

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  1. I prefer playing BTC poker online as people can not see your tells though your facial expressions. If you use a bot to calculate if you should bet or not, it can help beat the others at the table.

  2. It is easy to spot the people that do not fully understand Bitcoin Poker and make a fortune off them. Also playing when it is midnight in the U.S works well as a lot of players are drunk so it is easy money.

    1. The problem is I am also normally drunk when playing poker so it does not give me an advantage LOL

  3. Bitcoin Poker is the game that involves the most skill which is why I love it as most of the others are just chance.

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