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Morgan Stanley Helping Institutions Gain Exposure To Bitcoin Futures


Morgan Stanley Bitcoin Futures

It has taken longer for Morgan Stanley to partake in the Bitcoin revolution but finally they have joined in. Goldman Sachs were the first major investment bank to start promoting Bitcoin Futures to its clients and now Morgan Stanley have join them.

Bitcoin futures have not made everyone in the cryptocurrency space happy. The recent boom in price followed by the huge pull back was a result of Bitcoin Futures getting the green light. The likes of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have vast sums at their disposal so they can easily manipulate the price so their bets come in. The good news for crypto investors is that now that the big investment banks are on board it gives cryptocurrency much more legitimacy.

Morgan Stanley is now clearing Bitcoin futures for their clients, meaning that Goldman Sachs is no longer the sole Wall Street firm doing so. Morgan Stanley joins Goldman Sachs, TD Ameritrade, E*Trade and others in clearing CME and Cboe Bitcoin futures . The reaction of the Bitcoin community has […]

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