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Rollin Bitcoin Dice


Rollin Bitcoin Dice is one of the oldest and most loved rolling games online. It has a simple but effective design showcasing a digital clock counter and is fast along with simple to understand. It has one of the lowest house edges found anywhere and is ranked as one of the top BTC gambling sites in the world.

You will find many great innovations and becoming very popular among dice players the world over. So how does it work and why is it different. Firstly the graphics and set up are quite unique. It is completely Browser based and so there is no download required, you can start playing immediately.

Rollin Dice House Edge

The house edge is one of the best you will find anywhere and ranges from 0.8% up to 1% depending on how much you want to bet. On screen you will find a box into which you will enter a number of your choice, you the decide how much you want to wager. Bets are done in mBTC which is a percentage of Bitcoin 1,000 equaling 1 Bitcoin.

Rolling Fairness And Security

Once you have entered your choice of number you can then bet if you think the spin will be higher or lower, the odds of winning will depend on your number shown and are there for you to accept or change your number if you want. You can roll manually or with an autobot . uses provably fair technology which is your guarantee that the game is straight and cannot be manipulated. There are also chat rooms where you can ask for advice and interact with other players along with a first class customer service section. Depositing Bitcoin is easy and the withdrawal system also. Full details are given on the site and the terms and conditions are clearly outlined.

Rollin No Deposit Bonus

One of the first things I noticed was a button that said “Free Bitcoins.” Most websites don’t offer a faucet, and even if they do, it’s usually fake bitcoins (or credits, whatever they call them) and you can’t earn anything from them. If you’re beginning, your level is only 1, which means you get just 0.002 mBTC from each click. The faucet has a 5-minute cool-down period and can only be used when your balance drops below 0.0001 mBTC.

Rollin Conclusion

Rollin continues to grow in popularity and it has the best odds of any Bitcoin gambling game for players to win. It is a user-friendly site with many features that will keep you entertained. Using the Blockchain to give provably fair gaming along with its free Bitcoin Faucet, it is no surprise why it has such a loyal following.

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