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Should You Buy, Sell, Or Hold Bitcoin?


Buy, Sell, Or Hold Bitcoin?

With the price of Bitcoin skyrocketing over the last few months many people are wanting to know if now is a good time to buy, sell or hold their BTC. At the moment demand has never been higher but it only takes one major bad news story and the price could plummet.

In my view with the currency political and financial climate it is only to rise over the year.

The main problem will occur when the Blockchain can no longer cope with the demand and alterations will need to be made if the Cryptocurrency is going to survive past this point. The internet had the same problem went it went from dial-up to broadband and I believe that Bitcoin will do the same.

Below is a Bitcoin Price Chart that shows the enormous growth it has experienced over the last few month in 2017.

Bitcoin Price Chart 2017
Bitcoin Price Chart 2017

Summary Bitcoin is at a crossroads. What do you do? What is segwit? What is BIP 148? What is the current risk with Bitcoin? Many of you have probably been following Bitcoin. I thought I would write about it since it is kind of at a crossroads, and I […]

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