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Should You Keep Calm And Hold Bitcoin?


The Bitcoin Debate

The debate on Bitcoin in the mainstream media has been extremely heated with both sides of the story hammering their points of view across. One media channel that has become famous for its wild debates on cryptocurrencies is CNBC.

In a recent episode of the Fast Money show on CNBCs network, two guests on each side of the Bitcoin debates lost their cool. Rich Ross an Evercore technician and Dan Nathan who regularly works on the show exchanged a verbal assault on each other. It ended with pro Bitcoin enthusiast Nathan told Ross to “piss off” after he lost his temper when the performance of BTC over the last 12 months was criticized.

To find out the full details of this Bitcoin debate bust up, visit Coin Telegraph via the link below:

The mainstream media debate over Bitcoin as a success or failure approached live comedy this week after a “brawl” broke out between guests on a CNBC panel . In an exchange which ended an edition of the network’s increasingly notorious Fast Money segment, regular contributor and editor Dan […]

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