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There is a lot of secrecy that surrounds Startup Blockstream based in the U.S. back in 2014. Adam Beck is the founder and is famous for his invention of hashcash. This was key to proving the concept of the BTC consensus algorithm.

Over a period of three years it has managed to raise $76 million investors due to it amazing concepts. So far the company has not delivered a single product and the only product to date which is still in its initial stages is “Liquid”.

All was revealed on the 15th of August when the company announce it is developing and building Blockstream Satellites that are capable of beaming Bitcoin Data to every part of the globe.

This is exciting news for the cryptocurrency industry as it means that it will mean that Bitcoin will get around country’s censorship rules where BTC is banned. It will give people all around the world control over their money for the first time without the need for a national banking system. Read more about this story at Forbes by clicking the link below/

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