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Nearly half of all Bitcoin transactions are related to online Blockchain gambling. It is the biggest growth factor in the gambling market and without doubt will continue at a ever increasing pace. Because its use is anonymous and nearly instant transaction speed it is becoming on of the most sought after forms of gambling. Gamblers have become thoughtful of the restraints that government currency restrictions place on them and how much easier it is using BTC or other cryptocurrencies. The signing up combined with having to give all your personal details makes using Bitcoin a no brainer. Using credit and debit cards is always a risk and do you really want to put yourself at risk when there is such a good alternative. Bitcoin is instant so there is no longer the need to wait for your money to be transferred and with Bitcoin being so much the future when you receive your winnings they will appreciate in value without you having to do anything. Just check the amount they have grown on value over the past 6 months .Lots of Casinos put in costs for withdrawal and transfers as these are charged to them by the banks and if they don t then you can be sure that you will pay one way or another through house odds.

Bitcoin Gambling Odds

This is why you will find the house odds using Bitcoin casino sites are higher because the Casinos don’t have the costs that are associated with other currencies. Many potential gamblers do not continue after starting the often lengthy sign up procedure and so it is in the Casinos interests to look after the Bitcoin customer.

It is inevitable that online Casinos will continue to grow with the introduction of cryptocurrency as the advantages to them and their customers will always outweigh the other world currencies. It is the future of gambling and Casinos who do not accept the future of Bitcoin and the blockchain will lose out in the end.

There are governments who try to put restrictions on gambling who want to keep a tight hold on their currencies and control what we do. They are beginning to realise however that the clock cannot be turned back and there will come a time when the enormity of how Bitcoin and the blockchain is changing the way we live will change the laws on currency forever.

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