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The Influence Of Bitcoin And Online Gambling


Bitcoin Online Gambling

The Bitcoin story is one of the most exciting of our times. The technology behind the blockchain has the possibility of being one of the most important inventions of our time. More people each month are understanding the huge advantages of cryptocurrency.

The financial climate is fueling speculation in the market. Most people early understanding of BTC was it was used for illegal purpose and money laundry. The worldwide press did their utmost to kill off crypto before the party got started.

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Bitcoins Influence On Online Gambling

One of the first sectors to embrace this new digital currency was the online gambling industry. Many entrepreneurs realized that BTC works perfect with gambling online. It did not take long for the first BTC gambling site to sell for millions as SatoshiDice Sold for $12.4 Million.

What made this website unique is that it was one of the first to use the blockchain so that all the bets are shown on a public ledger to give provably fair gaming. Due to that success it has brought a number of major players into the industry. Now there are thousands of sites where you can play using Bitcoin.

It will not be long before the major players in the sector will have to start accepting Bitcoin as they will be left behind if they do not. BTC gives gambling companies a huge advantage. It means they are able to offer their players instant withdrawals and deposits with almost no financial transaction fees.

It also allows anonymous play and a larger range of betting amounts.

To find out on how online Bitcoin Gambling is changing the industry click the link below to read the article from The Huffington Post:

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Bitcoin has enjoyed a preposterous and an unbelievable journey since its origin in 2007, reaching noteworthy peaks and crossing obstacles before finally becoming a mainstream concept. This is the place where Bitcoin sits presently as hard-nosed administrative measures and reputed applications still afford the credibility of this crypto-currency […]

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