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The Miami Bitcoin Conference Was Huge Success

Miami Bitcoin

At the recent Miami Bitcoin Conference the crowds that gathered were extremely positive about the future of cryptocurrency. After a turbulent end to the year for BTC, the overall view that all crypto assets would bounce back in 2018 for another huge gain over the 12 month period.

There were lots of speaks that represented some of the most exciting Blockchain companies that included, RSK, Shapeshift, Bitpay, Edge, Netki and Bread. These companies have seen staggering growth over the last 12 months and all have big developments happening in 2018. The most talked about topics were the Bitcoin Core, Dash, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Another hotly debated topic what ICOs which has seen major growth along with many regulatory risks. With many blockchain concepts using initial coin offerings over the next 12 months, this is going to be a big year for the sector.

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