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UK Gambling Commission Embraces Bitcoin
UK Gambling Commission Embraces Bitcoin

UK Gambling Bitcoin

The UK Gambling commission is embracing cryptocurrency and it is now classed as money which means that casinos, sportsbooks and bookmaker who accept BTC or Crypto as payment are not breaking any regulator rules. The independent body regulates all gambling activity in the United Kingdom which includes, bingo, arcades, betting, casinos and lotteries.

The 2016 licensed conditions states that gambling licensed business have to have an appropriate policy along with procedure for cash and equivalents. The fact that equivalents is included is great news for Bitcoin related businesses as it covers digital currencies along with cheques, bankers drafts and debits card.

The regulatory changes will encourage new Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency gambling firms to set up in the UK. The changes in regulations with help Great Britain lead the way in BTC and will hopefully encourage other countries to implement the same changes so that this sector can grow internationally. The UK has one of the largest gambling sectors in the world and over the coming years we could see all the leading betting companies start implementing a payment system for Crypto. Once this happen it is sure to increase the price dramatically and help it become more mainstream. Read the full article below from Coin Telegraph.

The question on whether Bitcoin is money or not has immense implications – with respect to anti-money laundering regulations, taxation, legal arguments, etc. The UK Gambling Commission has just made its views on this issue clear. UK Gambling Commission The UK Gambling Commission is an independent body, sponsored by […]

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