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Virtual Football Betting With Bitcoin Is Booming


Virtual Football Betting With Bitcoin

When BTC gambling started back in 2012 the first game invested for the Blockchain was Satoshi Dice invested by Erik Voorhees. It was a simple higher or lower rolling game. It used the technology to offer an online ledger of all the bets along with winning and losses.

Cryptocurrency technology for the first time allows gambling sites to offer provably fair gaming as players could see each transaction. Gamblers were betting lots of cryptos to try to make money with Bitcoin Dice games and many made millions at it. It sold in December 2013 for 12.4 million in cryptocurrency.

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At today’s value of over $700 per Bitcoin, it represents a value of over 80 million dollars.

Bitcoin Casino And Gambling Industry

That got entrepreneurs interested in the potential of Bitcoin Casinos and Gambling which has not looked back since. Forty percent of all BTC transactions are related to gambling. It has a market size of over four billion dollars per year.

You can now bet on anything that traditional online casino and betting companies offer plus more. The major players in the sector that have not implemented crypto gaming are under threat. If they do not start to offer this service they will lose a great deal of revenue.

Already Crypto betting transactions account for ten percent of the of the gambling market sector. It is growing aggressively and fast. One area that is new to the sector is virtual football betting with Bitcoin. Below I will go into more details about this along with the advantages.

Virtual Football Betting

Football betting online and mobile apps are already the biggest individual sector in gambling that makes the most money. New advances in technology mean that you can now bet on your mobile device by downloading an app from the sportsbook bookmaker 24 hours per day.

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The same system is available using companies that use the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for betting on sports.

The Advantage Of Using Bitcoin To Bet On Football

If you bet on football games on a regular basis, you will realize the pain of having to pay transaction fees. There are also the problems of waiting for your money, providing private information and having gambling transactions show up on your bank statements. The Blockchain and Bitcoin eliminate all of these problems.

Beginners Guide To Football Betting With Bitcoin

If you are new to cryptocurrency the first thing you must do is to set up your own Bitcoin wallet through one of the many sites available. Traditional money where you store it in a bank is use to gamble on the stock market. It is to try to provider their shareholders with large profits.

With blockchain you can have no interaction with the middle man. Its cuts out there fees and means it there is a financial crisis like the ones just happen in Greece and Cyprus that your money is safe.

Make sure you carry out full research on the company you use to set the wallet before proceeding. Once done you are ready to send and receive cryptocurrency anywhere in the world free of charge.

Best Way To Bet On Football Games Using Bitcoins

Cryptocurrency has come a long way since the beginning when players tried to make money with Bitcoin Dice games. BTC roll games are still the most played and popular but sportsbook betting is catching up.

If you would like to try it for yourself the best way to bet on football games is by doing one of two things or both combine. The first is to use Faucets to get free BTC once you have completed a simple CAPTCHA. It will take time but eventually you will build up enough to place a large wager on a match you are certain about.

It is a completely risk-free way as your capital is not a risk, it is just your time to carry it out that is the cost.


The second option to make lots of money betting with Bitcoin on Football games is to use the Faucets to build up your capital first. Then using to get codes you can use. It will give you zero deposit BTC, welcome rewards and you can use the money from the faucets with the matched deposits promos.

It is the best way as it carries no risk to a player’s money and they can only profit if they bet this way.


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