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YOLO Dice Free Bonus – Coupon Codes December 2021

YOLO Dice has closed down

Yolo Dice Promo Code 2021

The YOLO dice free bonus codes and coupons for December 2021 are in great demand due to this ground-breaking blockchain gaming platform offering gamblers an enhanced chance to win. There are lots of different promotions available that include Rakeback, points, divided, referral commission, follower rewards, and more.

The more you play the higher level you will reach and once you have reached level 7, there are extra promos unlocked.

Strictly 18+ ONLY. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsibly. Sponsored.

How YOLO Dice Works

YOLODice has been cleverly designed using the blockchain and the designers have managed to create a platform that stands out from the rest. Two components make YOLO different. The first is the rewards system that offers a new way to profit through gaming as the more you play the greater the earning and the more popular you are the greater the rewards.

The second is the ultra-low edge along with enabling all participants to become part of the house.

House Profit Investment Option

One of the amazing abilities that blockchain provides gambling companies with is the option for community ownership. Crypto technology and smart contracts are perfect for this type of operation and at YOLO Dice you can take advantage of this scheme.

You can deposit cryptocurrency and then become part of the house and enjoy the profits. This can be leveraged should you desire and the profits you earn from this investment are automatically added to your bankroll.

YOLO Dice keep 10% of profits generated from investors of the house investment program. The crypto generated is used to cover all of the outgoings of the site so that it is fully maintained.

When compared with other bitcoin dice platforms that offer this type of scheme, it is one of the best rates you will find.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

It is simple and fast to withdraw your profits from the investment program at YOLO Dice. All you need to do is to click on the divest button and you will be taken through to a page when you can cash out your earnings.

There are zero free attached and the process will be complete once the transactions are confirmed on the blockchain.

Yolo Dice Promo Code

YOLO Dice Gameplay

If you have played any bitcoin dice games before, you will know how simple it is to start playing these types of games. It is a simple choice of choosing which number the punter thinks that the results will be above or below.

YOLODice is more advanced from others and has managed to create a great looking platform that is easy to use.

House Edge

The house edge rate is set at only 1% which is far lower than you will find any traditional online casino game offer. You can also be assured that you are getting these ultra-low rates as the game is provably fair thanks to it running on the blockchain.

Gamblers can choose to gamble at this rate or invest crypto in the bankroll investment program to enjoy 0.9% of profits.

Like all good Bitcoin dice sites, it is provably fair, has good levels of anonymity (no real details asked of players), and good customer service with their bitcoin talk forum account and live chat. They also have a crowdfunded bankroll that we are thinking of joining shortly.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

To make the bankroll investing even more appealing at YOLOdice the house only takes 0.1% while the investors take a massive 0.9%. It makes it technically the best place to invest in the market (excluding site risk and betting volumes).

Final Thoughts

YOLODice is one of the best bitcoin dice sites of 2021 and thanks to its innovative house investment program you can become a community owner and enjoy the profits. There are lots to YOLO Dice bonus codes and coupons for December that will give you freerolls, cashback reload bonuses along with a host of other rewards.

You can register an account in under 15 seconds so click the link on this page to explore this state of the art cryptocurrency gaming platform.

Yolo Dice FAQ

Is Yolo Dice beatable?

Yes, you can beat Yolo Dice by joining the platform and becoming part of the investment program so you can enjoy a 90% share of the house edge. There are also free roll bonuses from the platform that are available occasionally that provide players with a no-risk way to try to win.

Is Yolo Dice any good?

Yes, YOLO Dice is one of the best blockchain games platforms of 2021. It provides gamblers with new ways to gamble and take part in the next generation of gambling platforms.

Is Yolo Dice legit?

YOLO Dice is a legit blockchain dice site that is fully licensed and regulated. You will find a safe platform that if used responsibly can be a lot of fun.


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