BitStarz Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 2017

BitKong No Deposit Bonus

BitKong is a new and exciting game using the blockchain and Bitcoin to create a brand new concept which is highly addictive. It is fast and easy to pick up as all you need to do is to click on different panels and if you win move to the next and lose start over again.

Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus 2017

How The BitKong Game Works

Once at the site you will have three different options to choose from. These are:

Easy Mode: 3 columns with 2 out of 3 winners – This pays smaller amounts of Bits.
Medium Mode: 2 columns with 1 out of 2 winners – This pays bigger amounts of Bits.
Hard Mode: 3 columns with 1 out of 3 winners – This pays large amounts of Bits.
BitKong Bonus

BitKong Bonus

The game has an attached Faucet where players can claim up to 25 Bits every 10 minutes. To get your free Bitcoins click visit the site by clicking on one of the BitKong banners.

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