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Bitcoin Casino Roulette – Free BTC Chips Bonus Codes


Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette was one of the first traditional casino games to be converted to make use of the blockchain technology. Due to its simplicity along with popularity is has grown into one of the most popular types of BTC gambling. With new versions of Roulette being released every month, there are now hundreds of different sites that offer cryptocurrency gaming.

BTC Roulette

The American version of Roulette is the least popular version due to the 5.20 house edge rates which pays lower than other traditional classics such as poker, slots, and craps. Gamblers prefer to play games with the highest chances to win. It is why this version is not as popular as the European game. It is still loved by many punters due to its relaxed along with its nice steady pace.

Bitcoin Casino Roulette Games

One of the most popular online casino games is roulette, due to its simplicity and as you may have guessed, it is also a top-played Bitcoin casino game. Some of the benefits of using BTC include anonymous accounts, cost less transactions, and it’s tax-free.

How To Play Bitcoin Roulette

The equipment and features that make up a Roulette game are made up of a long table with attached at the end is a spinning wheel. The rest of the table is made up of boxed columns that contain the number of 1 up to 36. At the side of the numbered box are red and black ovals or rectangles.

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The dealer stands in front of the 1 – 3 column. Directly the numbers 0 and 00 are directly above this column and are generally green in color. These are the numbers that represent the inside bets.

The 36 numbers are split into three columns and players can choose to place an outside bet on any or all the columns. These bets are placed in boxes laid out across from the Roulette Dealer. The game begins once the dealer has spun the wheel and releases a small ball, white in color.

The ball is released in the spinning wheel going in the direction opposite the spin. Once the wheel decreases in speed, the ball will eventually settle in one of the slots numbered up to 38.

Roulette Casino Chips

The standard casino chip is not used in Roulette. It works by the players at the table receiving their own distinctive color. It is so that the winning and losses of players can be quickly calculated by the dealer. When played in Casino establishments only players are allowed to be seated and bystanders must stay standing.

Each chip has a denominate value and it is up to the player how much the wish to place per bet. They can place as many bets are they like along with the individual value through the placement of chips.

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There is a special rail the dealer places the different colored chips. On each of the chips is a different value so players can choose the amount of place on each bet. It can be by placing one of the multiple chips on the same box.

Once the ball finally lands in a specific numbered box, a corresponding marker is placed by the dealer on the table in the numbered box on the table. When a player wishes to cash out the chips and then converted into regular format casino chips that can then be exchanged for real money.

Play starts again once the dealer has removed all the chips from the table and paid out any winnings due. Bets can be placed at any time once this has taken place even when the ball is still spinning in the wheel. The dealer will make an announcement to the players when no more bets can be placed.

Different Types Of Roulette Games

There are a number of types of roulette games and each has slightly different rules. The most highly played versions are:

  1. European Roulette
  2. French Roulette
  3. American Roulette

You can also play all the different versions in cryptocurrency of your choice.

Playing Crypto Roulette

The betting system that the type of roulette game you play. These are called the outside and inside bets. Most casinos have set limits that a player can make on either of those. It is due to the payout rates have a higher amount but the odds are identical.

Inside And Outside Bets

The main difference between inside and outside bets is that inside bets can be spread over the table. Outside bets can only be placed on a single number. Due to the size of the table, it makes it hard for players to make certain bets depending on where they are placed at the table. In these cases, the player will ask the dealer places the bet for them.

Outside Red Or Black Roulette Betting

The numbers from 1 – 36 are divided equally into black and red backgrounds. If the ball lands on either of these colors the bets are paid out to the players that placed chips on the correct color. The odds for this type of bet are even money odds which mean the payout is equal to the amount bet.

Players can also choose to bet on either even or odd numbers and the odds are the same at even money. There is also the option to place chips on the number being between 1 up to 18 or 19 up to 36 and it also pays even money.

Due to the fact that most outside bets pay even money, for the casinos to make a profit the 0 and 00 are added to the wheel. If the ball lands on either, all the outside along with even and odds, the chips are lost that the player placed.

European and French roulette are more popular than the American version. It is due to the odds been more in the player’s favor due to the wheel only consisting of a single 0 and not the U.S. version of 00. T

o further improve the player’s odds even bets are not lost when the 0 is landed on. Instead, the chips placed on odds are kept on for the following round. If however, another 0 is landed on, all bets placed are lost.

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The average house edge is lower playing French version at an average of 2.7 and why is it extremely popular with punters.

To complicate matters further players can choose to bet on either or all the top three columns that separate the numbers. These odds are greater paying 2 – 1 and if the corresponding number lands in the column chosen the player can double their money.

The rows of columns can also be bet on and are separated via sections of 12 numbers into three categories. The odds for this type of bet are the same at 2 – 1.

Inside Betting Roulette

If you feel luck is on your side and you have a magic number, inside betting is for you. The odds are huge when betting on a single number box with odds that pay 35 – 1. When a player places their chips they must be placed inside the and not on any of the lines of the numbered box.

Split Wager Betting Roulette

Split wager betting is extremely popular due to the 17 – 1 odds payouts. A player can place one by placing their chips on two numbers connected lines that split them.

Street Betting Roulette

Street betting is the complete opposite of a bet on a column. It has odds of 11 – 1. It is popular due to giving great payouts on multiple numbers. The rows of numbers are utilized and if any of the three corresponding numbers rolls in the player wins. Players place a bet by placing on lines that separate the inside and outside bet in-line with the chosen row.

Corner Betting Roulette

On the board where the vertical and horizontal lines cross, players can place a bet to include the four different numbers in the connected boxes. It is called corner betting and odds of 8 – 1.

Five Numbers Betting Roulette

The bet with the worse odds of winning when betting at Roulette is five number betting.The reason is due to the house edge increasing in size to 7.89 which is the worst out of any of the different combinations of bets.

To place the best the player must place chips on the outside and inside separating lines. It has to include the 0 – 00 and 1 – 2 – 3 pays 6 – 1 along with it been the only spot the bet that can be placed.

Double Street Betting Roulette

Double street betting has a payout of odd of 5 – 1 and works exactly the same apart from one small difference, it covers the correct separating and horizontal line. If the ball lands on one of the numbers that you have placed your chips on, the dealer will make the payout but will not touch the bet originally placed.

It is up to the player if they wish to leave it there for the next game or remove it. If it is not removed before the dealer puts a stop on bets being placed, it will be counted as a bet. The same rule applies for outside betting as well.

Bitcoin Roulette Strategy

BTC Roulette is a game of chance and the odds are stacked in the favor of the house. There are no guaranteed ways to win and part of its appeal is that it takes very little skill to play. You will either win or lose which is impossible to predict.

Playing at Live Bitcoin Casino sites is the best strategy as occasionally the dealer will get into a routine and release the white ball at certain times. Some people are great at spotting this trend and use it to their advantage but still it does not make sure that the player wins. Outside and inside betting are the best way to beat the system. If you lose you can keep on doubling your bet until it eventually comes in.

One thing to look out for is if the wheel is dysfunctional. If it is then it can lead to a pattern of similar numbers regularly showing up. Dysfunction can be things such as the tracks being worn out or a defect in the balance. It is very hard to spot though as the game often has the same patterns showing up time and again.

Top Bitcoin Casinos make it a priority to make sure that all of their equipment is in perfect working condition. It will affect their profit margins if they are not set up correctly.

Bitcoin Roulette Betting Systems

There have been a number of different betting systems designed to try to outsmart BTC Roulette since it became mainstream over the last few years. Most have been a complete failure and have just been set up to try to scam players out of money to pay for the system. There are a few betting systems that are genuine but they need to be followed exactly and players must know when to stop if they are going to work.

One of the most common BTC Roulette betting systems used is by playing Bitcoin Casino sites that display the last rounds of results digitally. Typically these sites show the last 18 results and players use these stats to help them pick what to bet on.

Depending on the strategy that the player prefers they will either bet on a number that has occurred more than once hoping that a defect might be happening to the wheel. Another common system is to mimic the numbers that have come in and placed the bets on the same numbers.

Double Down

The most commonly used system is doubling down each time a player loses on the same bet. This strategy is called “Martingale” and its principles are based on the odds of their bet increasing due to the odds being close to 50% when betting on, for instance, red or black. When the ball lands on red for instance, the odds of it landing on black in theory are greater in the next game.

It is a high-risk strategy has it does not take too long for the amount needed to be bet when doubling down to get to extremely high levels. All Roulette tables have a maximum bet amount allowed so if the total needed to be placed is over that total, the player stands to lose all of their money.

If you are considering using this strategy you are better off waiting for the same result to come in multiple times before betting on the opposite to come in. That will increase your chances of winning before getting to the max limit set along with increasing your odds of it dropping in.

The riskiest strategy when playing Bitcoin Roulette is called the “Grand Martingale”. Instead of a player doubling down after they lose, they add even more. It is an ultra high-risk system and the fastest way to lose all of your money.

The strategy combines betting on certain number along with on a color and even or odd numbers. The chances of winning are increased but at some point, it will come to a point where it is impossible to keep on increasing your bet due to the tables maximum limit. It is possible that the same color can keep on landing on the same color over 20 times so it will not take too long to reach the tables limits.

Best Bitcoin Roulette Strategy

The best BTC Roulette strategy is by using the columns along with the same level of bet on one of the colors. Over the long-term, the odds are not in the player’s favor but if used sensibly and knowing when to exit, you can make lots of cryptos.

It works by the player placing two bets on the first and third column along with one of the colors. It covers most of the tables colors so it increases your chances dramatically of winning.

Albert Einstein the mathematical genius attempted to create a system to see if a winning system could be developed for the game of roulette. His conclusion was that the only way to be certain to win was to steal chips from the house.

If you are looking for a strategy be very careful as there are lots of scams claiming that they have a system that can beat the house. The only way to be successful and guarantee profits are by using Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus codes so you do not risk any of your own cryptocurrency when placing bets at the table.

Bitcoin Roulette Free Bonus

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Bitcoin Roulette Codes

If you want to play without risking your own money use our BTC Roulette Codes on our site to get free crypto. It is only to guarantee success at the table as you do not have to use any of your own capital to bet.

Bitcoin Roulette No Deposit Bonus

Our site is the best at finding the highest paying BTC Roulette No Deposit Bonus codes and promotions. By using one of the vouchers or coupons you will be entitled to free chips in Bits without having to deposit any of your own cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Roulette Welcome Bonus

There are thousand of casinos offering all types of games. Take advantage of joining multiple sites to claim your BTC Roulette Welcome Bonus rewards. These are free cryptocurrency payout out to the player for completing a simple sign up form or using a coupon or voucher.

Bitcoin Roulette Matched Deposit Bonus

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FAQ – Bitcoin Roulette

Are there any bitcoin roulette with faucets?

Yes, we have listed many bitcoin casinos that have attached faucet for roulette that you can access for instant free BTC. The blockchain also makes it possible for no zero roulette games so make sure you play the edgeless version for an improved chance to win.

How does bitcoin roulette work?

To play bitcoin roulette you will require a wallet to be created first as you will need a BTC address to be able to deposit and withdraw. The game works the same as the traditional version where players place chips on numbers, colors or combinations of numbers. The casino croupier then spins the wheel and adds a ball spinning in the opposite direction. The number in which the ball lands on the roulette wheel determines if players win or lose.

Does bitcoin roulette have a maximum bet?

All the different bitcoin roulette casino platforms have different conditions with regards to the maximum bet amount. All have set limits to ensure that the Martingale system is difficult to use as a strategy. The wagering limits tend to be higher on BTC games sites as they are peer-to-peer which makes it easier to transfer larger amounts.

How bitcoin roulette betting works?

Once you have bought chips using bitcoin or redeemed a no deposit bonus, you will then be able to place bets on roulette. You will need to choose a color, single number, combination of numbers or lines of numbers to wager on. Once the results are known through the ball landing on a roulette wheel number, the croupier pays out winners.

Is bitcoin roulette easy to win?

The reason why roulette is so popular is due to how easy it is to understand and play. Bitcoin makes it even easier due to players not having to register for an account and instead can play anonymously. The most popular strategy is to pick a color and keep on doubling up each time after losing until the win eventually comes in but this is fraught with a high level of risk due to max bet limits.

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