About Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

Bitcoin-Casino-No-Deposit-Bonus.com was established in 2015 by Daniel Kay. Our site is designed to review Bitcoin-accepting casinos along with helping punters to find the latest bonus code offers. We take pride in the amount of research that we carry out to ensure that the BTC casinos listed are fully vetted so that players are not at risk. We also publish the news about the latest developments in the blockchain gambling sector to help gamblers stay fully informed.

The bitcoin blog is full of analysis from gambling and cryptography experts to help users understand the advantage along with risks involved in using cryptocurrency. Our team has also put together many different guides and tips so that punters can find out the latest information along with strategies. We are constantly updating our BTC casino reviews to provide the most up-to-date info and bonus codes so you can be assured you are getting the full picture.

Who Is The Founder Of Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus?

Daniel Kay is the founder of Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus. The website was created in December 2015 when the domain was purchased and registered. My aim for the site is for it to become the most trusted and leading platform for reviews, promotions and crypto gambling technology news.

My website is packed full of reviews of BTC accepting casinos along with sports betting sites. Most of the reviews I have written personally myself or I have included my expert view on the platform been reviewed. In many cases, I have under-covered fake casinos which I have then gone on to blacklist to inform punters of the risks of gambling at that platform. In serious cases of fraud, we go further than other review sites as we attempt to track down the owners to report them to the relevant authorities. In many cases, we have managed to help gamblers get their money back so feel free to message me if you require help.

Due to the constant Google updates over the years, I have been forced to change the model of the site as originally it was going to be a Bitcoin casino bonus code platform releasing new promos every month. Now it is more geared toward the review of crypto casinos and their present promotions but there is still a long way to go before it is complete.

I am also the founder of Blockchain-Casino-Games.com which is a niche site that reviews blockchain only casinos which is different than here as this site is aimed at hybrid casinos that accept both real money and cryptocurrency. There are also lots of free crypto tokens available so make sure to visit it also to get even more rewards.

Affiliate Disclosure

Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus is an affiliate based website that makes money through the referral traffic to online BTC accepting casinos and sports betting sites. I want to be completely upfront about this as in many cases it is hidden from the users.

In no way does the affiliate programs impact players’ profit or losses as they would be the same even if not referred. One of the main reasons why this is an affiliate based website is so that I can negotiate with casino developers and owners to get exclusive no deposit bonuses that I can then offer to the visitors of my site.

Casino affiliate programs are a tool used by online casinos to help them to attract new signups in the hope they will become regular players. It is extremely common and all of the top gambling brands in the world have affiliate programs attached.

My personal goal is for the website to become one of the most sought after resource for Bitcoin gambling promotions along with a trusted source for honest reviews. Every year that passes there are major improvements made to the site and I work every week on trying to advance it further.

If The Site Makes Money From Casino Affiliate Programs, Does It Have An Impact On The Reviews?

Most of the bitcoin casino reviews you will find on this site are written by myself and I test along with fully vet each provider. I have found many platforms that are scam sites and you will find information on the pages should they have become blacklisted. Some may have got through the net as even I am tricked from time to time by sophisticated operators. I do not recommend gambling in any form and the whole intent of this website is to provide no deposit bonuses so that gamblers do not have to deposit and risk their own money. 

I do not take part in any link schemes or accept guest posts from untrusted authors or platforms. The website does not carry out any advertising in the form of PPC or sponsored content. I do provide my expert analysis from time to time for Bitcoin news outlets along with taking part in cryptocurrency forums.

Why Did You Set Up Bitcoin-Casino-No-Deposit-Bonus.com?

I have been an entrepreneur almost my whole adult life and set up my first business which was an international bistro in the Lake District UK at the age of 20. I first heard about Bitcoin back in 2010 on a program called The Keiser Report and instantly I knew that it would be groundbreaking. With no money to invest, I did the next best thing and looked for affiliate programs linked to BTC and found that gambling was the most popular by far so I decided to set up this website to capitalize.

I first started to learn about WordPress, search engine optimization and social media marketing in 2009. I did this as I needed a new life as I lost everything I owned in the financial crisis of 2008 so had to start over again. My biggest passion in life has always been traveling so I decided to learn the tools required to be able to own online business so that I could become a digital nomad. I have now been traveling the world for over 6 years and I am currently in South East Asia.

How Did You Come Up With The Website Name?

I am the first to admit that the name of the site is not too inspiring but it does exactly what it says by providing Bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses. The reason I chose that term was due to when carrying out keyword research for BTC gambling I discovered that it was one of the most searched, therefore, it made sense to me to call the website that name. Over the last few years, the importance of having keywords in the domain name has changed but I still like to find domains that do as it is something I have always done.

What The Future Holds

I am currently researching several other casinos that accept bitcoin along with blockchain-based gaming platforms. Once my research is fully conducted including testing each site, I plan to add the ones that pass the vetting procedure to my website. I am also conducting an audit of all the sites listed to make sure they are still following laws and regulations under gambling laws and then updating the reviews.

In 2023 I plan on getting crypto experts to provide their views on the industry along with gambling researchers so that my site offers the best advice. Since Google is constantly making updates to its algorithm, it causes lots of additional work so this will take a lot of my time. If things go well next year I hope to release a further 2 websites that are based around cryptocurrency casinos and decentralized betting.

My Personal Future Goals

I believe one of the best gifts in life you can give someone is by teaching them how to make money online so that they can have complete freedom. I hope to eventually set up a digital nomad university in Costa Rica and help others to set up businesses that are related to their passions that will enable them to travel the world working from a laptop.

My Work Experience Background

I have been an entrepreneur nearly my entire working life and started my ventures at the age of 20 by becoming a director of my restaurant in the Lake District. I had this for 5 and a half years before selling and then going on a 1 year trip to Australia. 

When back in the UK I ended up by chance working for the estate agents where I rented my property through in Nottingham. I worked on a housing development of 300 properties in Leicestershire and it was there I met a business partner who did mortgages. We decided to set up our own mortgage company, lettings company, estate agents and investment property company in 2006 which was extremely successful until mid-2008 when the financial crisis hit the world.

After losing everything during the financial crisis I ended having to stay at my sister’s and for 12 months I worked for other companies but realized that it is not something I enjoy doing. I have my dreams that I want to achieve which mainly consists of traveling the world living in the most beautiful locations with the best sunsets. The only way I could think to be able to do this was by learning how to create websites so at the age of 31 I decided to dedicate myself to becoming an expert in websites, SEO and digital marketing.

I first learned about bitcoin via a YouTube video series called the Keiser Report as I am a huge fan of Max Keiser. I believe he is one of the great financial minds of our generation and closely follows his predictions. As soon as I knew what Bitcoin was along with what it can do I knew straight away it would be a game-changer, just like the internet was. With no money to invest, I decided to do the next best thing and set up an online business about BTC and other cryptocurrencies. After exploring all the different affiliate schemes related to this niche I found that gambling was by far the most in-demand product, therefore I decided to do this review and free bitcoin promotion platform.

I have now been learning about crypto-based gambling platforms and decentralized betting platforms for the last 5 years which I think makes me an expert on the subject. I have also written more than 1,000 articles that are published online regarding bitcoin, blockchain smart contracts, gambling, and decentralized applications.

About Me

I am currently 41 years old and was born in Bradford in the United Kingdom. I have been traveling around South East Asia for over 6 years now with my favorite place been Chiang Mai, DonDet, Koh Lanta and Koh Rong. I have been a digital nomad now for 9 years and have never been married or have children. 

I believe you can achieve anything in life if you can visualize it along with having the determination to dedicate your life to achieve your dreams. I teach many travelers about how to make money online along with explaining the benefits and risks of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. There is nothing I like more than amazing sunsets, ice-cold beer, great music and socializing with other travelers from different parts of the world.

I am a huge gamer and love eSports which is exploding in popularity all over the globe. I want to learn Spanish as I plan to travel to South America to find somewhere I can settle down and get a dog. I have always been interested in computers from a very early age and started programming at the age of 8 using a weekly magazine called “Input”. I did computer science A level along with GNVQ business studies which were a very happy time of my life.

I do not gamble and do not recommend that people put their money at risk. The purpose of This website is to provide free bitcoin bonuses that can be used without depositing any money, therefore, players can get the chance to win without any danger of losing any BTC or other cryptos. There are details of gambling addiction help programs in the footer of this website so if you do feel like gambling maybe coming problematic make sure you seek help.

What Is It Like Been A Digital Nomad?

The first thing that you need to understand before becoming a digital nomad is that a website is a mathematical equation that is constantly evolving. This can make life extremely stressful as overnight when Google makes a big update it can have a major impact on the number of visitors due to ranking changes. The good news is that with the correct expert advice you can get things back on track within a few months but it can be very difficult at times.

Most people are unable to be digital nomads as one common problem I have found is that many find it impossible to find the self-motivation along with the belief that is required to have a business like this. You will need to become an expert at the niche you want to target along with writing endless amounts of content about the same subject which can be mind-numbing at times. The rewards far outstrip the negatives, however, and there is no way I could ever go back.

How To Connect With Me

If you want to send me an email, you can do so by using the contact page. I am also on Linkedin and GPWA along with many different bitcoin forum platforms so send me a friend request via those. I will be happy to connect with anyone around the world and if your traveling around South East Asia let me know as can tell you the best places to stay.