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Bitcoin Casino Dice – BTC Roll Games – Free Crypto
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Bitcoin Dice

You may have heard of a new crypto game that is taking off around the world online called “Bitcoin Dice”. It is a game of chance played on the web where players place bets on the outcome of dices being rolled. Before you use one of the BTC casino bonus codes, it is important that you understand the ground rules in play to increase your chances of winning large amounts of Bits. Below we go into the rules along with the best cryptocurrency strategy.

Read The Terms And Conditions Before Signing Up

Without knowing the rules, you will lose money playing due to lack of knowledge of the game. There are many different variations of Bitcoin Dice to play at a wide array of Bitcasino sites. The primary objective for players is to guess the outcome of a roll. By using cryptocurrency rather than fiat, you can play for smaller bets.

There are virtually no costs associated with the electronic transfer of money on the Blockchain. Due to no middleman involvement, the cost is almost zero.

How Bitcoin Casino Dice Games Work

When playing BTC Rolling games online, you will typically be using a virtual dice with six sides. Each of the faces corresponds to a number and with one of each side representing a figure of between 1 – 6. The player will have two choices; they can either :

Roll-Lo or Roll-Hi

Not all Bitcasino websites work the same way so some may only give you an option of betting on one option. There are hundreds of different verification of the bitcoin casino dice games to suit any player demands.

Before you start playing a new Bitcoin Dice game, you need to search for BTC casino no deposit bonus codes. You can then master playing with free crypto provided by the operator as a welcoming reward. If you go on a winning run, you could make a fortune in Cryptocurrency without even depositing a penny of your money.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

It is a no-lose situation that millions of players around the world are taking advantage of.

Bitcoin Dice Strategies

There are lots of different betting strategies for BTC roll dice games online. All of the methods will include two key components which are the amount of Crypto to place a bet along with the selections. Below we go into further detail about both.

BTC Betting Selection

Before you roll the dice, you must first decide on a number. You then need to place a bet on if you will roll under or over that amount. It is a game of probability and using mathematics you can improve your chances a great deal. If you place a bet that you’re going to roll lower than 33.33, it is the same bet as placing one of rolling over 66.66. They both have the same chances of winning at 33.33%.

The probability you make your betting strategy around depends on what probability is suited to your staking plan. It is far more important given in this game the 1% house edge is always the same no matter what number you choose.

Dice Betting Strategies

There is a huge amount of Bitcoin dice strategies online that can enable you to greatly improve your chances of winning. Thanks to the extremely low or zero house edge when you use the right strategy it can make playing extremely profitable. Below are the different types of betting systems you can use when playing BTC rolling games online.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

Patterns in Previous Rolls

By identifying patterns when placing BTC Dice rolling games, is the best way to increase your chances and win big at Bitcasino sites. An example of this is once you have completed ten rolls and most have been Roll-Lo, start to bet on Roll-Hi as it is more probable that it will be the next roll.

A different pattern you could spot is that they have been alternating between under 50 and over 50. A good bet to place when this happens is by betting on the sequence to stop. A bet placed after the dice has rolled under 50 on it falling on it again, is how to achieve this. You are betting that the same sequence will not happen again.

There are many different patterns so look out for, and many are available online for you to use when playing Bitcoin Dice. If the same sequence recurs many times in a row, your chances improve of it going in the alternative direction. Some player holds out for five or six rolls until they find a sequence they like to bet on.

Staking Plan

Staking plans are the best-known strategy, and you can find out full details by visiting its Wikipedia Page. It is based on all dice bets having an expected value of -1% which is the Bitcasino sites margin. There are many different types of plans, the most simple being to bet equal amounts each time.

By doing this over an extended period, you should be close to the House’s 1% margin. There are more risky alternatives which professional players like to use to try to beat the system.

Martingale System

The Martingale system works by the player increasing their bet each time that they lose. By betting this way, once the results go the players way, it will cover all losses incurred earlier along with a profit of the initial bet you placed. This system is also popular with players of Bitcoin Roulette where they double down on an odd or even or perhaps a color.

It is a high-risk approach as the player will need to have enough capital to place doubled down bets until it finally comes in. Many tables have maximum amounts that you can place per hand, or it is more than you can get your hands on. Once you are unable to double you lose everything and many people, have become unstuck with this method.

A way to try to help stop such a situation is having a stop-loss limit. One that you do not bet past and then you have only lost a set amount that you can afford.

How To Earn Bitcoin By Rolling Dice

There is a new game taking the internet by a storm call Bitcoin Dice and it possible to earn free Crypto by using the best strategy. It is slightly different from the traditional games you will find at casinos due to it using Blockchain technology. The probabilities of winning are still the same odds that you will find playing with fiat currency.

How Does BTC Dice Work?

The game works by the player rolling two or more dice. If the player rolls a certain number, they win big. If however, their number does not come up the Bitcasino wins. There are many different strategies you can find online to increase your chances of winning. Below we go into further details of the best way to earn Bitcoin by Rolling Dice.

Double Down

One of the most common methods to beat Bit Casino dice sites is by doubling your bet each time you lose. It is a strategy that can work well but also has high risks attached to it. For instance, you may find that it gets too expensive to keep on doubling your Crypto bet. If you have already placed many doubled down bets and can not afford to do it again, you will lose all the Cryptocurrency you have bet with.

Best BTC Roll Dice Strategy

The best roll dice strategy is to play without using any of your own money. It is possible to do this by using BTC Dice bonuses no deposit. This is an incentive that online Bitcoin casinos use to try to encourage new players to sign up to their site.

To get free Crypto all the player is required to do is to complete a short form with their personal details. They are not obliged to deposit any money or enter their account details to claim the promotional Cryptocurrency.

The player is then required to play a certain amount of BTC games or meet a threshold payment amount before they can withdraw. All Bitcasino operators have different sets of terms and conditions that you must read before signing up.

Look out for the sites that offer a low payment threshold so that when you do win you can get your hands on the Bitcoins you have won.

Bitcoin Dice Codes

You can use BTC Dice Codes to get free crypto and roll your way to millions in Bits. Our site is the number one place online to find the highest paying promotions from the best Bitcasino sites. There are many different types of Bitcoin Roll offers depending on your requirements. The most popular are no deposit bonuses where you get cryptocurrency just for entering your email address.

Bitcoin Dice Free Bonus 2022

With a house edge of almost zero Bitcoin Dice free bonus 2022 games that give rollers the best chance of winning BTC. With attached faucets so you can get free money to gamble with along with welcome crypto bonuses with no deposit requirements, you can play with no risks and a chance to win big.
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Bitcoin Dice No Deposit Bonus Codes

If you are completely risk averse, the best promotion for you to use is the BTC Dice no deposit bonus codes. An amount of Bits is provided to the player in a member’s account as a reward for signing up to place their crypto games. ast quantities of cryptocurrency are won this way by players meeting the payment threshold and withdrawing their winnings.

Bitcoin Dice Welcome Bonus Codes

The BTC Dice welcome bonus codes work differently between Bitcasino operators. A player can get free rolls, matched deposit, 100 spins, etc. It is a very competitive market, so players are being rewarded with bigger prizes every month to attract their custom.

Bitcoin Dice Matched Deposit Codes

If you are enjoying a game and have used up all of your welcoming bonuses, you can deposit your crypto. If you do decide to use your money, make sure you use it in conjunction with a BTC Dice matched deposit code. That way you are doubling the amount of money you receive and are getting free Bitcoin to roll.

FAQ – Bitcoin Dice

What is bitcoin dice?

Bitcoin dice is the world’s oldest blockchain game and it started the craze of gambling with crypto. It is a very simple game where players guest higher or lower. What makes it so popular is that has almost no house edge and is provably fair.

How to play bitcoin dice?

All you have to do to play bitcoin dice is to enter your BTC wallet address and then choose if you think the roll will be higher or lower than a set amount to win. Press roll and if you have won the payouts are instant and can with withdrawn.

How to win bitcoin dice?

To win when playing bitcoin dice you need to guess a number generally between 1 to 100. 50 provides a 50% chance to win so if you go higher or lower than that amount it increases the chances to lose but you get rewarded by a higher payout percentage.

How to get free rolls for bitcoin dice?

To get freerolls with no deposit bonus attached for bitcoin dice there are two options. Use the NDB codes displayed on our site or use a faucet to get free mBTC to gamble with.

How to beat bitcoin dice?

The most common strategy to beat bitcoin dice is by using the Martingale system of doubling up after losses until you win. This can be extremely risky and can only be successful in games with high bet limits. The better option is to use our bitcoin casino no deposit codes or a faucet for free BTC.

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